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94.  Al- Hadi – The Guide

“And the Messenger has said, ‘O my Rabb, indeed my people have taken this Quran and abandoned1 ie avoiding it, not listening to or understanding it, not living by it, or performing something else to it.”

“And thus have We made for any Prophet an enemy2 from among the criminals. But sufficient is your Rabb as a Guide and a Helper3.”

(Al-Furqan, 25:30,31)


1. In Arabia, the word Muhajirun is derived from the infinite ‘hajr’, which means forsaken or abandoned ie not worthy of attention. If it is considered to be derived from infinite hujr, it means that on one hand they consider it as a joke and talkativeness or they are making it as a target of their chattering.

2. Their enmity towards you nowadays is a thing new. It has been repeated with every prophet. “And thus We have made for every prophet an enemy-devils from mankind and jinn, inspiring to one another decorative speech in delusion. But if your Rabb have willed, they would not have done it so leave them and that which they invent.”  (al-An’am, 6:112)

The enmity with the Prophet, like with other prophets in the past, reflects the principles and traditions of Allah which is infused in public by the word mashiyah, the Will of Allah. So if they had to undergo the sunnah (mashiyah of Allah) they have to forbear the test of tribulation with firm determination. It is better to comprehend the delicate difference between the Arabic words Mashiyah and Raza.

A. Mashiyah – it’s meaning is the Will when used for Allah (God). It refers to the destiny prescribed for every human being individually by Allah.

B. Raza – it’s meaning is the pleasure, approval and satisfaction by Allah. Hence it is important to understand the importance between the two.

A. Mashiyah

As far as the mashiyah (will) of Allah is concerned, it can be reconsidered or changed by the person himself or herself.  Allah has given full freedom to humans to change any evil to good, or even change any good to evil by his/her own efforts or determination.

Thus Allah provides the opportunity to everyone for submission/disobedience, virtuous/devilish, honourable/dishonourable performance.  Allah bestowed freedom to every human being to deal with any action of goodness or evil. The Will of Allah is given to every human being because of his/her freedom but the pleasure, approval and satisfaction of Allah is associated only with the performance of goodness.. So Allah loves and likes that His servants (obedient humans) should adopt goodness instead of evil, using their freedom of choice and not by any compulsion from Allah.

Moreover, Allah conveys the important principle that the type of performance by humans is much different than the angels who were created by Allah only by the Orders of Allah without any obligation or annyance. The real credit to the humans is not to behave like angels to struggle for getting the noble God-approved actions demonstrated over the performance of the wicked and the rebellious against Allah.

This must be kept in mind of the believers that since Allah likes their virtuous acts and His approval is for their nice thinking and action, He shall compel the disbelievers through His interference and compulsion to make them like you or shall remove the wicked devil community of humans or jinns forcefully who have decided to work against you. Never: if you’re determined to work virtuously and make your genuine efforts you shall prove it not by words but by actual behaviour and practices. Allah has decided to test your sincerity and virtuous determination.

3. The word ‘Guide’ does not refer only to the capability given to the true believers about the true path and line of action to be carried on. It definitely includes the most important and suitable strategies  and wisdom to carry on the task of the Islamic mission and importantly to struggle against the plans and wicked desires of the non-believers against Islam. Similarly the help also includes all types of help, whatever opportunities open in the conflict of truth and falsehood. Allah helps the believers to the extent that he does not stand himself against the falsehood. But this is ascertained only when the believers themselves try their best in efforts and performance.

The outcome of any event in this world does not depend upon the pleasure, approval or satisfaction of Allah (God). The Will of Allah depends upon its inclusion in the overall scheme of Allah. For example, the theft by a robber, the killing by a murderer, the crimes of any oppressor, the blashphemy of any unbeliever or polytheist, is not possible without the Will of Allah. In the same way, the belief of a pious person, a believer or the righteous is also impossible without the Will of Allah. All kinds of events occur under the Will of Allah. But the first type of events is not permissible or agreeable to Allah, or gain His Pleasure, while the second type of events gain His Pleasure and the rewards from Allah.

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