Any person with any belief in God knows the importance of prayer and asking for the things we want in our lives from The One who created the universe and beyond, The Most-Compassionate God.  

In light of recent events, and previous events, and likely future events the prayer we should all be repeating more than anything is “Oh Allah, please inspire every person on earth, Muslim and non-Muslim to study Seerah, the life of Prophet Muhammed (s), ameen.”

This prayer should especially be extended to the likes of Pauline Hanson, who is frankly doing nothing but ridiculing her own intellect by proposing that Islam is an ideology and Muslims should be banned from Australia.

Skimming through Pauline Hanson’s policies on Islam and Muslims, I can’t help but wonder which violent extremist Senator Hanson has been talking to.  Her sources are questionable and clearly her proposed policies are coming from fear, or a desire to entice fear for the purpose of meeting a political agenda.

In any case they highlight her gross lack of understanding of the Islamic faith and tradition.  No wonder her only solution to all of Australia’s problems is to ban a minority group, the same solution she’s been regurgitating for years for other minority groups.

For those who aren’t familiar, Muslims base their belief and understanding of Islam on the noble Qur’an and the perfect example, sent as a mercy for all of humanity, Prophet Muhammed (s).

It’s very easy for anyone to cut and paste bits of the Qur’an to suit their agenda.  Through studying Seerah we understand when and how the verses of the Qur’an were revealed and in what context they were revealed.  This is one of the best ways to understand Islam and also to understand what you can expect from actual Muslims.

One of the problems with Pauline Hanson’s Muslim Ban is that it doesn’t actually solve any problem.  It does nothing to address the actual extremist recruitment process at grassroots level.  It does nothing to build strong, sustainable, cohesive communities.  It does nothing at all to prevent violent extremism in Australia.  It only serves to alienate and marginalise law-abiding, God-conscious, hard-working, honest Muslims that call Australia home.

If you haven’t studied Seerah already, regardless of your religious affiliation, even if your intention is to find inconsistencies, perhaps you desperately want to make sense of all the terrorism that’s happening in the world, or perhaps you are not convinced on the position of the overwhelming majority of Muslims that oppose oppression and terrorism, I strongly encourage you all to urgently commit regular time to studying Seerah.

There are many avenues through which you can study Seerah without stepping into a religious facility.  You can watch it on YouTube while you’re folding your laundry, you can read the transcript while on the train home, you can join the Seerah channel on Telegram, download the app, buy the t-shirt, whichever way fits in best with your lifestyle.

For your own personal development as a Muslim, or for insight into the truth of the Islamic belief if you’re not Muslim, or simply to make better policies that will actually produce positive outcomes for your country, if you’re Pauline Hanson.  Everyone needs to be prioritising the study of Seerah.

May Allah reward you all generously and hastily for your commitment to understanding the truth.

I leave you with the words of Sir George Bernard Shaw, “We need Prophet Muhammad (s) more than ever in a time when the problems of man heaped up and became insolvable. If he was alive, he would solve all of these problems with an easiness of drinking a cup of coffee.”

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