With booming house and land prices in all capital cities in Australia in general and Sydney in particular, housing affordability by new migrants and young families had increasingly become out of reach during the last decade.

Growing population and migration from overseas and interstate led to increased housing demand in Sydney metropolitan areas. Extra ordinary increase in rents and fluctuating interest rates proved to be a great barrier to housing affordability.

A group of entrepreneurs devised an innovative solution to the housing affordability problem by initiating to provide alternative to the mortgage based existing housing solution by establishing ‘First ever Interest Free Housing Solution’ in Australia.

In December 2010, Qartaba Homes was established  to give and execute thoughts and plans into reality by establishing the first phase of Riverstone Housing Project (RHP) towards the beginning of 2011. Unexpectedly, this Phase was completed in a few weeks’ time to give Qartaba Homes great boost and encouragement.

Qartaba Homes aim to turn the dream of owning an Interest Free House that opens up a world of comfort for young families at an affordable price that offers great value for money.

Qartaba Homes are an Australian owned business serving community for affordable housing without any interest.  Their main focus is helping those Australians who never thought of buying a house due to mortgage challenges. They are supported and funded by individual investors who also want to support the community for finding solution to affordable housing.

In NSW there are four land projects in Riverstone, Schofields, Box Hill and Austral. While in Victoria there are again four projects in Pakenham, Tarneit, Riverdae and Wollert. There are three projects in Queensland in Redbanks Plains and two in Bundamba, suburbs of Brisbane.

There has been enthusiastic support from land buyers both from Australia as well as overseas. So far Qartaba Homes have served more than 1000 families. The average appreciation of land value for customers so far has been 200-300%.

Qartaba Homes have commenced the development of the land at Riverstone at the beginning of this year and estimate to deliver the land in 2017 to almost 300 families in Sydney and Melbourne.

For land development purposes, Qartaba Homes have engaged Australia’s top engineering firms like BG&E, REEDS Consulting, Orion Consulting for planning and engineering consultation and well reputed firms like Leffler Simes architects and DWA Workshop have been engaged for architectural work. Well known civil contractors like, Winslow Construction, BMD Group and Friends Civil are working on different Qartaba Homes projects.

For more information check Facebook page and Qartaba Homes website: http://qartabahomes.com.au

For enquiries, please call by 02-9627 3073 or email [email protected]