A video of a fight between two young teenagers with their friends looking on, recording on their phones has gone viral, but not for the reason you think. A man stepped up, stood in between the two boys and stopped the fight.

The man said “Ya’ll almost men, Ya’ll ain’t kids no more. Ya’ll don’t shake hands, I’m not leaving, bro.”

This peacemaker is a Muslim man, Ibn Ali Miller who spotted two boys getting into a fight and immediately intervened.

He told the boys that their friends who were recording and laughing were cowards.

Ibn Ali Miller said “What made me stop is because before I had mentors and before I had people to help me out in my life, I was like those kids. So when I saw those kids, it’s a true reflection of myself and who I used to be.”

Ibn Ali is a lifelong resident of Atlantic City and knows many of the kids. “The main thing that I was trying to convey to them was to respect themselves” said Miller.

His actions attracted celebrity praise and he was honoured by the city’s officials.