Auburn chapter of the Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) hosted its inaugural event titled ‘Seerat Conference 2017’ On Saturday 11 March, the at the Berala Community Centre in Sydney’s west.

The ‘Seerat Conference 2017’, was based on the Seerat of the Prophet Muhammad (s) and aimed to address issues on matters relating to family life, upbringing of youth, modern day challenges and a variety of other issues in the context of life in our society.

Photos by Faaris M Khan

Distinguished guest speakers at the conference included Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani (Consul General of Pakistan), Imam Dr Shabbir Ahmed (Prominent Sydney Scholar), Mr Samiullah Hussaini (Research Scholar), Mr Muaz Al-Haj (Community Leader), Mr Aneeq Ahmed (Dunya TV Channel Presenter) along with IFAM Executives.

The audience were local community members accompanied by their families. The community was invited to share in gaining insights and knowledge which would be of benefit in their everyday living in Australia.


Photos by Faaris M Khan

Mr Haris Saeed, MC began with saying “the objective of the evening was to gather the local community in an informal environment and present topics of crucial importance”.

Mr Saeed further added, “The life of the Prophet (s) gives us guidance in every aspect of our life, and we wished to help address issues which affect our daily life in today’s contentious social environment in context of the Seerat.”

Dr Kashif Aziz, Vice President IFAM, opened the Seerat Conference welcoming distinguished speakers and audience. He introduced IFAM, its current projects and affiliated organisations.

Photos by Faaris M Khan

Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani, Consul General Pakistan, reiterated the theme of the conference, how the Prophet (s) was sent as a mercy to mankind and by effectively following the Seerat of the Prophet (s), the Muslim community can be torchbearers for mankind and prosper both in this world and the hereafter.

Imam Dr Shabbir Ahmed shed light on the interaction of the Prophet (s) with non-Muslims while elaborating on how Prophet’s (s) humble and caring behaviour inspired non-Muslims not just by his personality but also by the religion he was preaching.

Mr Muaz Al Haj articulated new age hurdles faced by Muslim parents and children. He included points of advice for the audience regarding parenting in our contemporary society and stressed to make our home a place of love and peace.


Mr Aneeq Ahmed explained why individuals should not place emphasis on what is said through the media about Islam, rather focus on the true teachings of Islam and the Prophet (s) and the millions of practising Muslims around the world.

Mr Samiullah Hussaini discussed the importance and perfection of our Prophet (s) explaining why Allah mentions in the Holy Quran that the Prophet (s) is the best example for mankind to follow.

The program concluded with the distribution of gifts to distinguished guests by Mr Usaid Khalil, Secretary General of IFAM). who also thanked the conference volunteers for their dedication in organising a successful event.

Photos by Faaris M Khan

The Dua was performed by Imam Dr Ahmed and dinner was served where all invitees and guests had the opportunity to continue to enjoy the evening with their families.

A local resident of Auburn, Mr Mohammad Khan, attended the function with his family which included three children, and was asked about his thoughts on the event. He responded by stating that he thought the organisers had done an excellent job and that, “the topics were very relevant, all the speakers were very easy to understand and all gave a great talk.”

Photos by Faaris M Khan

He further added, “with small children under supervision of child minding facilities on the night, meant the audience were able to listen attentively and the speakers were able to deliver their message in a timely manner.”

Another attendee commented, “I have been to many lectures and talks, but tonight’s conference was very different and enlightening. It was well planned and organised and ran to schedule.”

IFAM – Auburn Chapter plans to further organise future events that will strengthen the bond created at this evening amongst the local community.