Brittania Clifford-Pugh, 17 years old from Queensland appeared on The Voice Australia in a blind Audition. She says “I’m really proud to be an Australian Muslim.

“I think regardless of the outcome, it’s gonna be a just a really really great experience. And If people were enjoying the music, what you wear or what you believe really shouldn’t believe a big of an issue or big of a factor.”

“I’ve come to do a blind audition because it allows me to be immediately equal with everybody else. When I’m up there and it’s just my voice, I’m the same and I’m judged the same and I’m heard the same.”

She does a beautiful rendition of Taylor Swifts – Safe & Sound. Out of all four judges, Boy George pressed the button selecting to mentor Brittania during her The Voice journey.

Seal asked what brought her here, and she said “I’m really here because I want to crush some stereotypes. Just because you look a certain way, you’re a certain faith, or you come from somewhere, you believe something, it doesn’t have to change the fact that you’re an artist, you’re a musician.”

Kelly Rowland said, “To be so young, and to have such a powerful message speaks such volumes about you.” Boy George said “Your message is on point and beautiful and so very me. Strangely, we have a similar attitude to life. Welcome to team George, let’s do some interesting things together.”

Judge Boy George reflected on Brittania, her hijab and her message: “Brittania, I love the quirkiness of her voice. It’s so refreshing to see someone so young, representing her faith. When you’re wearing the hijab, you’re making a very very powerful statement and I’m very happy to support that. I feel like her message is such a loving and unifying message. It’s so Boy George.”