Rights of children begin before conception and continue during pregnancy. 

During this period, thoughts, actions, and nutrition of generally both parents but particularly of the mother,  have an impact on the spirit, essence, character, and health of the unborn child.

The foetus is like an organ of the mother and obtains all the necessary factors of development from her.

Emotional and respectful relations between the parents and also mental relaxation of the mother are really important at this stage. Peace of mind is obtained by feeling assured in life.

Moreover, healthy relationship between the parents and a strong physical attraction between them is beneficial in order to conceive a healthy child whilst fear and worry will have negative consequences on the development of the child.

One of the effective ways of attainment of peace and confidence is the remembrance of Allah as it is mentioned in the Quran, Surah Ar-Ra’d, verse 28 that unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah,  hearts are assured.

Therefore, the mother should try her best to keep herself occupied with righteous acts such as recitation of Quran, salat,  dua and keeping away from fruitless activities which do not benefit her or the child growing within her.

Conversely, according to the research done at Johns Hopkins University, USA women who are anxious or stressed view their pregnancy as worrying and troublesome.

Outcomes of such studies that did directly measure child development include a link between prenatal stress or anxiety and slower maturation in infancy or early childhood and reduced attention levels.

On the other hand, the food individual eats not only has a great impact on the physical aspect of a person but on the nonphysical part as well.

Healthy nutrition of the mother is very essential for the well-being of the foetus. Some foods have also been specifically recommended through traditional Islamic teachings and by health professionals for a healthy, beautiful, and virtuous child.

It is notable that there are many factors that contribute to the physical and psychological make-up of the child, such as inherited characteristics, as well as environmental surroundings

Giving sadaqah, reciting the Quran, and dua are strictly effective to avert possible negative consequences during pregnancy.