ACT Muslim community members once again dug deep into their pockets – this time to support the two Islamic schools in Canberra – Taqwa School and the Islamic School of Canberra.

On Saturday 18 March, Canberrans gathered at the Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC) to raise funds to reduce the financial burden on the Islamic School of Canberra, based in Weston.

Imam Mohammed Akram Buksh was inspirational during the night as speaker and auctioneer.

The event was organised by the Parents & Friends Association of the school with cooperation of the school and its staff.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and the guests were welcomed by the PFA President, Kalam Azad.

Mr Azad described the importance of Islamic education and how it can help kids to become better human beings. He also described why the school needs funds to provide facilities in different areas including Library, class room resources, playground, indoor and outdoor sports facilities as examples.

School Board member, Suhail Khan spoke of the many new improvement projects now underway funded directly by community members.

Over 250 parents and community members attended the event including president of various Islamic organisations, school board members, the principal, David Johns, community leaders, Imams of the mosques, parents, school staff and students.

It was a very special program for ISC where kids, parents, school staff, school board and community members got together and enjoyed the event. There was also a jumping castle for kids to enjoy.

Almost the whole ACT community got behind the school, allowing them to sell tickets at their places of prayer as well as businesses donating food and money for the event.

Imam Mohammed Akram Buksh from Brisbane was the chief guest of the night and the lead inspirer. Thanks to his compelling arguments, the PFA raised over $60,000 including pledges, ticket sales and cash donations. The total collected money will be donated to the Islamic School of Canberra.

At the conclusion of the program Mr Mohammed Ali, Master of Ceremony and school board member, on behalf of PFA, school board, staff and students, gave the vote of thanks to all who attended and donated generously.

On Saturday 25 March Taqwa School  based in Spence, also held their fundraising dinner at Albert Hall to a large turnout and generous donations.

Mr Mainul Haq, President, Canberra Muslim Community. Photo: Jumanah Husna.

Ms Azra Khan, President of Canberra Islamic Centre. Photo: Jumanah Husna.

Mr Suhail Khan, ISC board member. Photo: Jumanah Husna.

Mr David Johns, ISC Principal. Photo: Jumanah Husna.

Mr Mohammed Ali, ISC School Board member and MC for the event. Photo: Jumanah Husna.

Imam Adama Konda, Imam of Canberra Islamic Centre. Photo: Jumanah Husna.