On Sunday 26 February, in local Western Australian suburban mosque, Masjid Ibrahim, located in Southern River, three communities came together in the spirit of friendship and seeking common ground – Muslim, Sikh and Jew. As we intermingled among the 100 or more people representing these communities, in spite of seeing skin of all different shades and attire in all the colours of the rainbow, to onlookers, you could not have distinguished who belonged where, as three communities appeared as one.

Discussion between Sheikh Safdar and Mr Louis. Photo by Ma’en Abdulla

What a brilliant evening. It was awesome catching up with old friends and making new connections. Thank you to all the organisers for welcoming us into your home and making us feel part a the greater global community. – Gary Louis

It was a day that marked the third event in a series spanning a 24 month collaboration between Muslim Professional Network, Turbans and Trust and Temple David, an event in which the Perth Muslim community warmly welcomed our Sikh and Jewish friends for a guided tour of the mosque. Furthermore, it was a unique opportunity in our otherwise secular world, to speak of the faith that nurtures and feeds our spirit, which colours a Muslim’s day to day life.

There is much that could be said. The fratenity and solidarity of all who attended was very evident, and anyone there from a non-Muslim background would have learnt something about the great faith of Islam. The dome and beautiful recitation of the sura connected me to a divinity most wonderful that is hard to describe.
And love was imparted to all attendees through the delicious food that was shared <3 Salaam alaikum –  Jon S Kaub
As we collected in front of the entrance of Masjid Ibrahim, awaiting the commencement of the evening’s program, our female guests were invited to try on a hijab at the ‘Hijab Selfie Booth’, kindly hosted by Sureyya Demir, who took great care in choosing a colour and style of hijab to match each participant’s outfit.

“Enriched” is a perfect way to describe the experience. – Jordan Smith

Sheikh Safdar performing ablution. Photo by Ma’en Abdulla

After the formal welcome and introductions, our guests were invited inside, where they witnessed the use of technology in our modern-day mosques, the tour beginning with a discussion on the times of Salah in front of a monitor that displayed the prayer and congregation times. This followed with a demonstration of how Muslims perform ablution before prayer (Wudhu), after an enlightening talk about the practice of our noble Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who would typically use the volume of just one single glass of water to perform a complete ablution – a lesson that Muslims will admit we could relearn today, in the spirit of environmental conservation.

What a beautiful event, I’m so happy I made it down in the end. I feel enriched just learning something new. Thank you so much Affy and Hoosein. – Kostantinos Nikolaos

Our guests were then invited into the main prayer area that was beautifully adorned with Islamic art that can also be seen in some of the famous mosques around the world. Here, the steps involved in the ritualistic prayer were demonstrated and translated into English. This followed with a ‘Nasheed‘ or ‘song of God’s praise’, being chanted with melodic tones.

As our evening together drew to a close, everyone was invited to ask their questions in an open Q&A session with the local Imam. An array of questions ensued, from curiosity over the significance of the diverse dress of Muslim men around the room, to queries around any hierarchies that may exist in a typical Masjid.

Overall, it was an event that truly celebrated our shared values, while respecting the beautiful diversity around the room, which could be deduced by how the evening itself concluded, with a value we certainly all possess – the sharing of delicious, multicultural, vegetarian food!

The event was organised by Muslim Professional Network in Perth. Check them out on Facebook/MPNPerth.