Recently some tragic news items have been followed up by good news that strengthens the belief in humanity, justice and peace.

During the aftermath of Trump’s Muslim ban, it was Americans of all faiths, colour and ethnicities who came out in large protests against this unjust act.

The American judiciary played its role in a brave manner in standing up to the executive power of the American President in putting its foot down against the ad hock executive order signed by Trump.

The former US Ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich attacked President Trump’s executive order on immigration and a passionate defence of refugees, warning that the “hottest places in hell” are reserved for those who “maintain neutrality” in times of “great moral crisis.”

It is the Jews in US who are voicing their strong abhorrence of the Muslim registry, recalling the Nazi era where they were the targets because of their faith.

The mainstream community raised $600,000 overnight to rebuild burned a Texas mosque while Jewish people in the town gave Muslims key to their synagogue in order to offer their congregational prayers

A crowd-funding project launched by Muslim activists  raised more than $55,000 in one day to repair a vandalised Jewish cemetery in St Louis.

Canadians of all shades and colour condemned the attack on Quebec city mosque and came out in large numbers to support and reassure the Muslim community.

It was a brave white American who tried to save the life of an Indian man, Srinivas Kuchibjotla shot and killed by another white male shouting “get out of my country” in Kanasas and was badly injured in the process.

Muslims community has been trying to hide and save Egyptian Christian Copts from terrorists in Sinai in spite of intimidation and harassment.

People of all faiths and no faith have rallied in support of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.

It is in the nature of mass media that while news of bigotry, hate and racism travels fast, good news seldom gets the headlines.

Similarly, in our contemporary age of social media, it’s the bigots and hate mongers who are most active on this platform while the great majority of peace loving compassionate people usually keep silent.

However, this trend is changing and both independent channels of mass media largely free of vested interests and who do not have any agenda to grind feel their responsibility by becoming vehicles of understanding and peace by reporting positive stories in their news.

Similarly, those who want to minimise conflict and develop understanding between diverse people need to become keyboard activists and come forward in pro-actively raising their voice against bigots, racists and war mongers.

The theory of clash of civilisations has no legs to stand on.

Z I Ahmad