If you’re reading this, know that you’ve been guided here for a reason.  

There are two things that happen when you take the plunge and sign up for Visionaire Online:

1. You make a conscious decision to change aspects of your life through powerful, structured dua and

2. You become infinitely more certain that your duas are heard and will manifest.

For those who haven’t already experienced the intensity, clarity and strategy Visionaire Online offers, it goes for two weeks and is run by the Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef.

It’s a program that attracts hundreds of Muslims from every corner of the globe, designed to redefine how you view and make dua.

Now you may think this is a program best suited for reverts who’ve recently entered into Islam and aren’t familiar with how to make dua, I beg to differ.

How many born-into-it Muslims have been repeating the same duas over and over for years and not seen them manifest? How many of us feel butterflies in our stomachs when we’re making dua?  How many of us want so badly to change something in our lives?

Perhaps, like me, you feel stuck, like you’re not doing what you’ve always envisaged for yourself.  Or perhaps you have a strong desire to fill that nagging void in your life that can only be filled with the safe arrival of your first child, or by meeting your future spouse, or by getting that promotion.

Sheikh Mohammad AlShareef, creator of Visionare Online.

Was that a luxury holiday you wished you could take this year or was snowboarding always something you wanted to master?  Did you want to build a multimillion dollar empire through property development or go to Hajj with your entire family?

Visionaire Online is the answer to your prayers; giving you the tools to understand the role of dua in changing your life and the strategy to make powerful Duas.

For those that are familiar with “The Secret”, I want to be clear that Islamically speaking, there is no “Secret” ladies and gentleman.  We have a Most Generous, All-Powerful God who hears and sees everything.

We don’t “Ask from the universe”.  We ask from The One who “created” the universe and beyond.  So if you’re ready to change your life this year, maybe you’re just as sceptical as I was before signing up, but do yourself a favour.

Go in with an open heart, not mind. Listen to the YouTube testimonials (which quite frankly undersell this amazing experience). You will laugh, you will cry and when all is said and done you will know exactly what you need to do to live your dream life.

Think you don’t have time for this?  The program is designed, keeping in mind those that are extremely time poor; professionals, entrepreneurs or mums like me juggling multiple little ones.  Live sessions are recorded and all other resources can be accessed as many times as you need, from your device, wherever you happen to be.

Positions are limited so be sure to sign up to the mailing list to get in early.

If you’re the super-social type, there are very few programs that so deeply connect Muslims from every continent in a social platform.  The relationships you form with your Muslim brothers or sisters on the Visionaire program offers a sustainable support network of highly resourceful, like-minded people, dedicated to changing their lives through their dream duas.

May Allah bless Sheikh Mohammad AlShareef and the crew at Visionaire Online for developing and running such an important program for the Ummah.  May Allah manifest all their dream duas.

For those who haven’t experienced Visionaire Online, your only regret will be not knowing about it sooner.