On the campaign trial politicians make all kind of promises in order to gain popular votes and get elected to win government.

After coming into power, they look at the big picture, act in a responsible manner and govern in the interest of all their people. Some of the promises made in the heat of the campaign that are not feasible and not in the overall interest of the nation are abandoned.

It seems that this is not true in the case of Donald Trump.

All the xenophobic, impractical, mean, knee-jerk promises he made during his election campaign are swiftly being signed of regardless of their impact on USA as a nation, at the expense of its reputation, relationship with other countries, diplomatic norms, legality, international relations and peaceful co-existence in the world community of nations.


This recklessness has the great potential to cause harm to US itself as well as bring misery on a global level.

His extreme anti-Muslim stand because of terrorist attacks in the US or elsewhere defies logic and statistical evidence.

On average there are around 12,000 people murdered every year in the US. Comparatively less than 10 are killed as a result of terrorist activity (See table).

So why the T word creates so much fear resulting into xenophobic measures enacted by Mr Trump.

AMUST Brisbane columnist Daud Batchelor claims that “UN declaration that the world is experiencing the worst-ever recorded refugee crisis, with 65 million persons displaced, is the successful outcome of United States-Israeli destabilisation strategies against Middle Eastern countries (See this AMUST Issue# 135, page 7).

He shows that overwhelmingly the source of refugees  has been from countries that have been invaded by the US or as a result of interference by US pitting one group in a particular country against another group.

In addition to the US catalysing refugee crisis, its policy of war on terror has resulted in creating more terrorists in many more countries giving rise to the contemporary climate of International terrorism.

Another AMUST columnist based in Melbourne, Gulhan Eryegit Yoldas, sighting the example of Melbourne Bourke St car attack contends that many terrorists attacks in the West are being carried out by people either consumed by ignorance and simple hatred or with mental illness (See this AMUST Issue# 135, page 13).

This is reiterated by yet another AMUST columnist from Queensland Shifa Mustafa who concluded “It must be said that those who are carrying out acts of terror, while professing to be Muslim are manipulated or deluded. Thus we see many who are ignorant or from criminal backgrounds gravitating towards radicalism” (AMUST Issue# 134, page 17).

Invasion of countries, promotion of civil wars, drone attacks on homes of suspected terrorists, killing innocent women and children, assassinations and the use of excessive force against the weak, breeds terrorism, so does discrimination, hatred, Islamophobia and xenophobia.

Trump’s solution of profiling and banning Muslim and building walls will not stop terrorism while building bridges, interfaith dialogue and cultural understanding will, thus moving towards global peace.

It seems that Trumps policies will lead us towards another kind of terrorism, white supremacist type based on racial, religious and cultural hatred fanned by right wing politicians, the Quebec attack being a glaring example.

ZI Ahmad