There are various groups and organisations around Australia who have taken on a very special task, Daawah, of being the ones to aid the transition of human beings towards Islam. 

They are the people who make themselves available to teach people about Islam, help them to take their “Shahada” and enter Islam, and then help them to learn to function as practising Muslims.

They play a very important part in the value-chain of “Daawah”. There are others who come before them, those who give general lectures about Islam to large groups, or make those lectures available online. Those who write and distribute books and pamphlets also come earlier in the process.

Later in the value-chain, are the local Imams and Sheikhs, and those brothers and sisters working to provide regular classes, activities, and social gatherings for all Muslims.

Daawah Chain

The individuals and organisations who provide that key transition service, helping people transition from non-Muslim to Muslim, are able to see something that no one else can – and that is trends in reversions to Islam.

As amazing as it sounds, there are visible trends in the volume of people becoming Muslim that may be connected to world events.

Many brothers and sisters in the Daawah world have noticed and commented on these trends. For example, after the September 11 attacks, there was a surge in the number of reverts.

I am happy to announce that there is a similar surge happening right now, that may be related to recent explicit Islamophobic events, such as the comments about Islam made by Donald Trump, his “Muslim Ban”, and the domino effect of comment and conversation around them.

In simple terms, more and more people are investigating Islam as a result of the hateful views of some popular world figures – which leads to a spike in the number of people realising that Islam is the true religion of God, and deciding to make it their way of life.

This trend is only visible to those in the field, but sharing it widely is a good way to remind ourselves that Allah is the best of planners, and there is wisdom in everything that He allows to happen.

We may question why Allah apparently does not intervene in certain scenarios, but we should have complete trust that Allah will accomplish His purpose, and we should concentrate on seeking HIs pleasure by participating in Daawah.