Several Muslim organisations in the suburbs of western Sydney have spared precious time serving the homeless in our community, a small part of humanity.

Sydney- based Islamic organisation Muslims feeding the needy have formed a small group of Muslim volunteers to help the homeless and needy in Sydney by providing them with complementary food and drinks.

The Four Muslim men who started the project in 2014 are continuously dedicating their Monday nights to help the homeless by sharing with them food and drinks.

Every Monday afternoon, the MFN team travel around the suburbs of Western Sydney to pick up freshly made meals from families, friends and volunteers and make their way towards Sydney’s CBD and Belmore Park.

Upon arrival, the team dress into their fluro vests, making a visible statement about Islam.

Tanvir Alam explains all the reactions from the public so far has been positive.

“We do it for the sake of Allah (god). We want to show people what Islam is really about; Islam is not about terror. Islam is about helping the needy and that’s what our project aims to do”, Tanvir said.

The team unload their vehicle and walk around with backpacks in the streets of Sydney’s CBD where they hand out  food packages to the homeless. These packages include rice, Chicken and warm wraps.

Muslims feeding the needy is a non-government organisation, purely based on  voluntary work  and community funding.

There are various ways one can help, by cooking meals from home, by donating, or even by becoming a ‘MFNS’ volunteer. All donations go strictly towards meeting the projects costs.

This organisation isn’t the only one bringing goodness to the homeless community. Several other Muslim organisations including The White Coats and Brothers In Need are all on the same humanitarian mission.