Analysis: “How to save AFIC from self-destruction”.

On Wednesday 22 February, Supreme Court Justice Robert McDougall expressed his sympathy towards the Muslim community which was facing attacks from racists and begots and blasted AFIC leadership for their infighting under these circumstances.

“It seems to me that there are far more important things that AFIC can be focusing on, one of which is the rise, fuelled by populist politics and government policies, of anti-Muslim sentiment in this country,” he said.

“It is something that I personally deplore,” He further added.

A contesting former group of AFIC executive members have been accused of mafia-like tactics by occupying AFIC Zetland offices overnight, and locking out the current group of the executive members.

The matter is now being contested by the two rival groups in court.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils AFIC also known as Muslims Australia is  considered the umbrella body of Muslims formed in 1963 as AFIS and restructured in 1976 as AFIC, comprising of 9 State Councils and over 100 Islamic Societies.