Amity College hosted its annual HSC and ATAR Awards Ceremony on Thursday 16 February to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the HSC graduating class of 2016.

The awards ceremony included the giving away of generous prizes awarded to students who helped maintain a well-established tradition of academic excellence at the College.

Amity College holds this ceremony with the attendance of its current Year 12 students every year in order to set high standards and provide an exceptional experience for them.

High achievers at the HSC 2016 spoke at the event to inspire current Year 12 students sharing their very unique and fresh experiences.

Top ATAR achievers Samia Jamal and Halil Ibrahim Aydogan presented their motivational and entertaining speeches and were commended by the audience for their dedication and discipline shown throughout 2016.

The event was attended by a large number of guests including politicians, government officials and community leaders:

  • Mr Enver Yasar, representing Luke Foley, NSW Opposition Leader,
  • Ms Rania Haddad, representing Chris Hayes, Federal Member for Fowler,
  • Mr Ali Karnib, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool,
  • Mr Zeynel Abidin Haydardedeoglu, Alevi Cultural Centre Community Leader,
  • Ms Sera Yilmaz, Councilor, Fairfield City Council
  • Detective Inspector Dean Johnstone, Acting Liverpool Commander of the NSW Police Force,
  • Mr Imran Win, Director, Amity College School Board

Executive Principal Deniz Erdogan of Amity College with guests and parents.

During his address, Executive Principal Mr Deniz Erdogan quoted Einstein and said “true education is what remains after one has forgotten what he/she has learned in school”.

Believing these to be the skills and values developed and, most importantly, the friendships and relationships forged, Mr Erdogan turned the attention of the students present to their future, emphasising the importance of pursuing a meaningful life “with a strong sense of communal responsibility”.

Almost half of the students in the cohort achieved an ATAR of 80.00 or above and one-fifth achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or above, with three students attaining an ATAR of over 99.00.

HSC 2016 high achievers with ATAR 80+ recognised at the annual HSC and ATAR Awards Ceremony 2017.

One student, Ayse Atalay, achieved an exceptional state rank in the subject of PDHPE, placing at an impressive 6th out of 15,498 students who took the subject in 2016.

The awards included crystal trophies for every student, gift vouchers to 80+ ATAR achievers, tablets for 90+ ATAR achievers and laptops for 95+ ATAR achievers.

In addition, Galaxy Foundation, awarded $3000-scholarships spanning three years to Halil Ibrahim Aydogan (99.20 ATAR) and Samia Jamal (99.30 ATAR).

Established in 1996, Amity College is a leading independent and non-denominational school in Sydney’s south-west which provides K-12 education.