Most probably the recent UN declaration that the world is experiencing the worst-ever recorded refugee crisis, with 65 million persons displaced, is the successful outcome of United States-Israeli destabilisation strategies against Middle Eastern countries. 

Muslims comprise the greatest majority of displaced persons.  As a revenge response of massive, indiscriminate violence to the 9/11 attacks, “The US has fuelled the conflicts in all five nations [Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen] from which most refugees are fleeing, and is directly responsible for the violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya” (Norton, 2015).

“Smoke, mirrors and deception” is the essence of warfare.  Let us review the strategies, which generated this refugee crisis.

Firstly, invade (2001) and attack the country’s leading party (Taliban) that brought relative stability to the war-torn country, support warlords harassing the population, and build military bases unacceptable to most.  This is Afghanistan.

Illegally invade a stable country (2003) using fabricated WMD data, then kill 0.5-1.5 million, destroy civil infrastructure, disperse radioactive munitions causing terrible defects in children, incite serious sectarian divisions and instigate an extremist violent opposition (ISIS).  Fragmentation of Iraq is the result with Kurds allying with Israel.

Who would reject leadership of judges trying to stabilise a country? This is the 2006 US intervention in Somalia. Bush stymied the Islamic Courts Union who ended warlord control in Mogadishu. He then incited Ethiopia’s invasion increasing instability favouring the rise and devastation wrought by extremist groups Al-Shabaab and Horn pirates.

Who would encourage rebellion against a long-standing government but ensure failure by restricting the opposition front and curtailing military support. This is Syria since 2011. Islamic law generally discourages rebellion: “Better a tyrant ruler than one day of chaos”.  National destruction however, seems to be a US objective.

Lastly, elections in Libya held in 2012 established a dominant party to lead government. However, unification was thwarted by US-European bombing and support of militant rebels creating a failed state and a gateway for refugees immigrating to Europe.

An effective strategy was enhancement of Sunni-Shi’a mutual distrust by the CIA and Sultan Bandar, former Saudi Ambassador to the US, which destroyed vestiges of Muslim unity and caused numerous tit-for-tat atrocities including in Yemen.

Ex-President Obama knew about political abuse of American democracy by the powerful Zionist lobby, AIPAC, and neocons. Israel successfully influenced American power to incite attacks on Muslim countries according to the zionist Yinon Plan, which promotes fragmentation of Arab countries so they become incapable of checking Israel’s expansion.

Muslims are aware of Prophet’s (s) statement “Help your brother whether he is oppressed or an oppressor.” The Prophet (s) when asked “How should we help our brother if he is oppressor?” replied, “By preventing him from oppressing others”.

Instead, Australian political and military leaders gave blind military support to destructive US campaigns resulting in Australia now experiencing refugee ‘blowback’. John Howard, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were often stronger backers for damaging interventions than the US.

A friend should highlight mistakes to a wayward buddy. Great respect is due to Malcolm Fraser, Paul Keating and Bob Carr who criticised US-Israeli actions and called for urgent reassessment of the ANZUS alliance.

However the Ummah should conduct soul-searching, recognise its shortcomings and reform also rather than just blaming the West. The Qur’an reminds us to be law-abiding, and patient during challenging times.

Given its support for disastrous US destabilisation policies, Australia is morally responsible to increase its refugee intake above the paltry 12,000 planned.

“Peace-loving” Australia should stay out of US-inspired interventions and beware of supporting a Trump administration likely to further destabilise the Middle East.