Rida and Sema’s wedding was a lovely event that highlighted the compromise and collaboration between the bride and groom from the start. Although Sema had her wedding envisioned to a tee, and wanted to DIY many elements, the suggestions from Rida helped make the planning process that much easier. Read on for more about their story, and their wedding…

How did you meet: My husband and I went to the same high school which is where we first met but our relationship was sparked when we ended up working together as pharmacists about five years later (I was his intern at that point). He made an honest proposal not long after and we were engaged for a year.


How was the wedding planning process: I was very pedantic while planning the wedding, my husband was quite often the voice of reason. I wanted to do everything myself from being my own florist to making my own wedding cake but thankfully was talked out of some of it because it just wasn’t realistic (I even had thoughts of making my own wedding dress and I’ve never made any item of clothing !)

How did you decide on a wedding venue: Initially we were looking into a garden wedding, but living somewhat close to the city, finding garden venues was difficult especially in a distance that was practical for our guests. Also with with Australia’s unpredictable weather 5 minutes of rain could have instantly turned our outdoor wedding into a nightmare, so we chose to have the reception at the Conco D’oro Nevarra Venue which I found to be a beautiful reception.

What inspired your wedding style: As a young girl I always envisioned exactly how I wanted my wedding to be down to the smallest details. But you realise how much changes when you’re actually planning and incorporating your partner and both families. We didn’t fuss over sticking to one theme, we just wanted it to represent us both as a couple. Hence the Batman theme mixed with pastel and florals.

What does marriage mean to you both: Having a best friend at your side for the rest of your life. Forming a partnership to share life’s trivial day to day moments. Loving, and being loved unconditionally.

What was a particularly memorable moment of the day: Is it cheesy to say the whole day was memorable from beginning to end?

1-9Tell us about your dress:  I had my dress made for me because I wanted to be sure it would be modest but at the same time be something I loved down to the last button.  A portion of my reception was women only so my wedding dress is actually two piece, I had a reverse cardigan made with long sleeves which I removed later in the night to reveal the rest of my dress underneath.

Looking back now I was probably a very picky client! I knew how I wanted the dress to be and I knew what fabrics and lace I wanted. There were slight struggles because I was being advised to change it a certain way with style, or to change fabrics that were easier to work with, but I really wanted to have a dress that was my own style and what I would deem perfect for me. So I stuck by my decisions and in the end I was very happy with how it turned out. I have my mother to thank greatly with the design and overall process.

Overall: Wedding planning can be very stressful but I feel I was blessed with great family and friends and of course a very patient husband who was always there for me.



Photography Jade Berber 

Dress Norma Bridal Couture

Bridesmaid dresses George

Makeup Milani Joy

Headscarf styling Hijabs by Rasha

Florist Stems by Abby

Car 1989 Batmobile Invitations DIY Venue Conca D’oro