Just because the rituals invariably constitute,

The injunctions contained in the Guidance,

Confuse not the exuberance with the intent,

As you can never be truly certain that the display

Would represent piety and zeal for ascendance!

Nor should you assume that the withdrawal

Can meet the Sustainer’s Acceptance,

As the extremities cannot attain the equilibrium.

How can you connect and establish the accord,

From the practice of slavery and madness,

When the foundations firmly lay on justice and freedom,

While hypocrisy and ostentations only serve to deprive!

How can an empty show devoid of the intent,

Provide the thrust and the force field,

To illuminate, insulate and reverberate,

The mind, body and the soul in tune with the Source!

Forget not that the whole is more than the sum,

And the remainder is much less than the fraction,

As the declaration is not mere an intent or utterance,

And the meditation is not just a chant or silence.

So let us reject evil and embrace goodness,

And as always rejoice in His Glory and Praise.

Perfected are the Words of the Creator in Truth and Justice,

As a Guide, a Glad Tidying and a Beacon of Light!

Show forgiveness, speak for justice and freedom, 

Bind in love and affection, blind not in hatred and aversion!