Dear ISRA 

I’m really gonna miss ya

It wasn’t just knowledge that they taught ya

They also gave you the tools to improve your character

And work towards a greater hereafter.

The staff were more like family than teachers

As dear to me as my own brothers and sisters

From humble Mehmet, Salih and Derya

To beautiful souls like Masheed, Rahil, 

Zuleyha, Tamana and sweet Heather

I thank you all for your efforts and incredible nature

For being there mornings, evenings and generally whenever.

A special mention to my thesis supervisor, Dr Derya 

I couldn’t have completed this milestone without ya.

Studying at ISRA was such a pleasure 

I pray I can take more classes at my own leisure 

Without worrying about exam pressure 

Or having to monitor my blood pressure 

And thank you to my classmates 

Who made the experience even better

I will sincerely treasure 

All the warm memories I’ve made at ISRA 

Memories that will stay with me

From now till forever 

My experiences at ISRA 

Have made me all the more richer

And I pray that because of it 

We’ve pleased Allah

And together are granted gardens in Jannah

Poem by Manal Etri