The Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull visited the Char Grilled Restaurant, Primitivo in Toowoomba with Federal PM, Dr John McVeigh and Toowoomba Mayor, Cr Paul Antonio on Monday 16 January 2017. 

Primitivo is a unique concept restaurant based on the idea of ancient cooking style, traditional recipes, in a primitive cave-type rocky walls decor.

The guests tasted the food offered to them by the chef and staff while the owners discussed their food innovation projects and proposed plans to build multi-level car park in the city centre with the PM.

The restaurant is an intellectual innovation of entrepreneurs Adnun Khan and Albab Khan, two brothers who won the Best Business Excellence Award in 2015 from the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce for their previous creative chocolate restaurant in the city called Cioccolato. In the same year, they also received the Business Excellence Award in the Hospitality Industry category for Cioccolato.

The visit of the Prime Minister to the businesses of the Khan Brothers was an honour for them and their businesses, and acknowledgement of their ongoing significant contributions to the local economy through generating employment for over 40 staff.

Brothers Adnun Khan and Albab Khan in their restaurant Primitivo, Toowoomba, Australia.

Brothers Adnun Khan and Albab Khan in their restaurant Primitivo, Toowoomba, Australia.

At Primitivo they bring food back to what it should be; meat, vegetable and seafood cooked on an open Char – Grill served with your choice of sides. The interior of the store looks like a stone cave with primitive wooden furniture filling the dining space.

A custom made Char griller is the centerpiece of the restaurant. Dine in and takeaway along with online ordering via the company’s website or its own “Primitivo” App which is available for download (FREE) for both Android as well as Apple platforms.

Adnun Khan is a part of the future leadership team of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Albab Khan served on the Advisory Board of Nanado’s Australia representing Queensland.

In addition to the food businesses in Toowoomba, Adnun and Albab have been training a large number of apprentice students from various secondary schools to get employment in the hospitality industry. This has been done with the partnership of a local training company BUSYAtWork.

The two Australians of Bangladesh origin have been running export business for the last 6 years. They have not only exported different best quality Australian agricultural grains, seeds and pulses to Bangladesh but also establish business network with partners in Bangladesh and other countries.

Adnun was born in Dhaka in 1985 and Albab was born in London, Canada in 1989. They migrated to Australia with the family in 1992 and settled in where Adnun graduated in Marketing and Human Resource from the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, and Albab in Accounting from the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

The family is originally from the Gopalgonj district of Bangladesh but has lived in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Australia. Their father, Professor Shahjahan Khan, is a Professor of Statistics at the University of Southern Queensland, and a Director of MCCA Ltd, and mother, Mrs Anarkali Lutfun Nahar is a Director of The Khan Family Trust.

They can be contacted via email:

[email protected]