A peace summit on Alliance of Religion and Dialogue of Scriptures was organised on Sat 21 January 2017 by Heavenly Culture World peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) Australia branch in partnership with International Women’s Peace Group and International Peace Youth Group.

HWPL has raised two initiatives for the cessation of wars.  The first one is enforcement of DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of Wars) and secondly Religious Harmony as a vital ingredient for world peace.

The Alliance of Religious Dialogue program started at 7 pm and four religious leaders who were present before mixed groups of young people began the dialogue.

Sheikh Hamid Waqar (Islam), Pandit Prem Misra (Hinduism), Mr Peter Lee (Christianity) and Mr Atsushi Tojo (Scientology) with the dialogue monitored by Ms Tammy Jo from IWPG.

The main discussion topic was on “Good and Evil” – how to solve the problem of evil based on religious scriptures.

The first question was “Is a scripture acceptable even if it doesn’t provide a solution to the problem of evil?”

The second question: “If the scripture is able to identify the root cause of good and evil, why is evil yet to be solved in this world?”

The final question “Is there a record of a case where evil was solved in your scripture?”

Various religious scholars gave answers centred on their scripture and the audience asked further questions based on the answers for better understanding of the subject.

Each scholar explained the importance and methods of prayers in their respective religions.

At the end of the program people had gained a positive knowledge and understanding of each religion and how it can be used to build peace in the world

The audience thanked Lydia Im and her team for organising such events in Sydney.

HWPL is committed to world peace and 204 such religious dialogues are being conducted across the world in 112 different countries every month.