The Universal Peace Federation, Australia (UPF)  hosted “Living for Others Awards 2016” on 05 December 2016 at Oceania Peace Embassy Sydney.

The program started with prayers by Pearl Wymarra who acknowledged people and country followed by Australian Violin Academy Ensemble performed “The Butterfly Lovers” and continued with video presentation of UPF.

Mr Greg Stone, President UPF Australia, welcomed the audience.  He expressed that this unique event recognised those often-unsung heroes of our communities  who live for others.

He highlighted the importance of acknowledging such people because as an expression of simple but universal sacrificial love which is part of all great faiths and traditions.

“Living for others gives us the power to bridge the gaps between those who are different, to dispel resentments, to resolve intractable conflicts and bring hope to the despairing”, Mr Stone said.

The award presentation speech was delivered by  Mr David Clarke MLC, NSW Parliament.

The receipts of the awards were:

Ziad El-Daoud for his hard work with community who previously received the NSW Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011 and 2012 and prestigious Wood Badge in 2015.

Thu Minh Thi Pham who has previously received “Banks Electorate Volunteer of the Year” award.

Jebin Dhoj Shahi who started Multi-Cultural 7a Side Knock-Out Football Tournament in 2012 and believes that harmony and prosperity can be achieved through football.

David Sheppard is the master mind of OzHarvest the first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia.  David collects quality excess food from more than 2000 commercial outlets and delivers it free of charge to over 800 charities.

Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad was one of the first receipts for the Living for Others Awards in 2005.  The program also witnessed the appointment of New Ambassadors for Peace.

Zia Ahmad and Hanif Bismi have been appointed as Ambassadors of Peace by UPF in previous years.

The program concluded with acknowledgment of the program, photo session and light refreshments served.  Ms. Jynene Helland was the MC for the evening.