The first Juma prayer started at Armadale Masjid and Islamic Center (AMIC), 7 Albany Highway near Perth on Friday 4 November 2016.

Around 60 brothers and sisters attended the prayer. The khutbah was delivered and the congregation was led by Sheikh Ahmad Parker. In his inaugural khutbah Sheikh Ahmad Parker discussed about etiquette of masjid.

A project of Islamic Practice and Daawah Circle (IPDC) Armadale Masjid and Islamic Center was recently acquired at a cost of almost a million dollars. It is located in a uniquely boutique complex Pioneer Village, a Perth Local Heritage site, in the suburb of Armadale, almost an hour’s drive from central Perth.

The centre was visited during mid-November by Mr Zia Ahmad, Managing Editor of AMUST and his Perth host Mr Tariq Anzar where they offered their Maghreb Prayer in congregation and had discussions with Dr Asrar Talukder who has been in the forefront for raising funds for the purchase of the property.

Other functions the Centre will serve in addition to the mosque will include weekend school, food bank, daawah hub and venue for seminars and other Islamic events.

On behalf of the masjid committee we thank all who attend the congregation and would request all to spread the news so that Muslims around the area can join the subsequent Juma prayers in the masjid.