A new lawsuit notes that the State Department approved the export of more than 47 million rounds of ammunition to Israel between 2007 and 2009. That was enough to “injure or kill every Palestinian living under occupation 10 times over,” according to the lawsuit.

Filed in a district court in Washington, DC, the complaint argues that by sending military aid and approving weapons sales to Israel, the US is violating its own legislation.

I am afraid that with the election of Donald Trump as US President, Palestinians will get even more marginalised. David Friedman, an American Jew, is Trump’s senior advisor about Israel, who does not believe that annexing the West Bank will compromise Israel’s democratic character, nor does he believe that Jewish settlements on further Palestinian lands are an obstacle to peace. This causes grave concern among many people particularly in the Arab world.

I have personally known a number of Palestinians who I admire.

One of them was a Palestinian Christian who I met in Baghdad when I was a guest at the Annual Poetry festival which used to be held annually in Baghdad and to which I was always invited. His name was Jabra Ibrahim Jabra.

He translated many English works into Arabic, He produced about seventy books including his own work and translated novels and poetry – his own work has been translated into more than twelve languages.

Once I asked him “what is your definition of a truly civilized person?”

He answered “The one who makes the leap to the other’s mind – The one who is aware of the other.”

This is particularly important if the other is angry. So Western leaders should ask the people in the Middle East ‘Why are you angry?”.  There are so many reasons for their anger.

Anne Fairbairn AM