Answering a question about whether Muslims should get more involved in the Black Lives Matter Movement which campaigns against systematic violence and racism against black people, Shaykh Hamza went onto defend the American criminal justice system. Speaking at the Reviving Islamic Spirit conference in Toronto. Shaykh Hamza’s comments brought about an immediate storm on social media with some accusing him of white privilege. He said: “The United States is, in term of its laws, one of the least racist societies in the world. We have some of the best anti-discriminatory laws on the planet… We have between 15-18,000 homicides a year, 50 per cent are black on black crime… There are twice as many whites that have been shot by police but nobody ever shows those videos. It’s the assumption that the police are racist and it’s not always the case…” “I think it’s very dangerous to just broadstroke any police that shoots a black as immediately being considered a racist, sometimes these are African American police officers. The police aren’t all racist.”