The Annual General Meeting of the Australian MEFF Consortium, organisers of the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair was held on Sunday 6 November at 206 Humphries Road, Bonnyrigg, Sydney with the presentation of the Annual Report and election of Trustees,  Management Committee and selection of Office bearers.

This year was a great challenge for MEFF as a number of Eid festivals were being held in surrounding suburbs some on the same weekend.

A new constitution based largely on the model constitution for Australian MEFF Consortium developed over a period of almost a year during two retreats was finally passed in a special General Meeting (SGM) held on Sunday 23 October.

Under the new constitution, the elections for 2 trustees will be held every four years while election of 8 Management Committee members will be held every two years while one patron will be appointed by the Management Committee.

President, 3 Vice Presidents need to be selected from within the MACO while other positions can be either filled from MACO or from other ordinary members of the non-prophet organisation.

A Patron will be appointed by the MACO and a Festival Committee will be constituted at a later stage.

The results of the elections are as follows:

 Management Committee

Ali Alsalami President

Manar Ahmad Vice President 1

Usaid Khalil Vice President 2

Hanif Bismi Vice President 3

Usman Siddiqui Secretary

Najia Khalil Assistant Secretary

Ibrahim Khalil   Treasurer

Saminah Ahmad Assistant Treasurer

Ashfaq Ahmad Member


Zia Ahmad

Shujaat Siddiqui

Festival Committee

Abbas Naqvi

Fousiya Bismi

Sakinah Ahmad

Khalid Hussain

Abul Fateh

Aamir Ahmad

Mustafa Bismi

Zohair Ahmad

More to be added.