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90. Al-Mani – The Preventer

Say, ‘whether you give me willingly or unwillingly, your offering shall not be accepted by Allah, for you are indeed a disobedient people.’ 1

The only reason their contributions are not accepted is that they have denied Allah and His Messenger, they come to the prayer half-heartedly, and they offer contributions unwillingly. 2

Do not let their wealth and children impress you. For Allah seeks to punish them through these things in the life of this world so that their souls shall depart while they are still denying the truth. 3

They swear by Allah that they are believers like you but they are not. They are afraid (to appear in their true colours) 4

If they could find a place of refuge, or a cave or any hiding place, they would run there with frantic haste.5

(At-Tawbah, 9:53-57)


1. Some hypocrites were not willing to indulge themselves in the danger but they did not wish to lose their whole prestige among the believers by becoming totally aloof from Jihad and its involvement and then openly express their hypocrisy. So they sought to be excused at this time from a martial service  in return for providing some of their wealth.

2. Captivated with the love of wealth and siblings, they should be defiantly dishonoured and all their pomp and show, as demonstrated by the honour, prestige, chiefhood and patronage in the past jahali Arab society, be totally banished in the Islamic social order. Then petty slaves and their siblings, the ordinary farmers and shepherds who proved their sincere belief shall be honoured in this new system whilst the families of the prestigious chiefs and their kind become dishonoured because of their worldliness.

A very interesting incident once occurred in the assembly of Umar, Amirul-Muminoon (ra). The chief lords of Quraysh Suhail Bin Amru and Haris Bin Hisham had gone to visit Umar. There any ordinary person of Ansar and Muhajereen were courteously welcomed near the vicinity of Umar. Umar directed these two chiefs to vacate the place to sit the new comers. After a while the situation arose that these two chiefs had to shift gradually to the rear of the assembly. Coming outside Haris Bin Hisham told his companion: ‘Did you observe what insult was given to us?’ Suhail Bin Amru responded ‘It is not the fault of Umar. We are at fault that when we were invited to accept the deen of Islam, we returned back and these persons came anxiously toward this invitation’. Then these two persons came to Umar and commented : ‘Today we observed your behaviour with them. We realised that it is all because of our negligence of Islam at that time. So is there any substitute for this misconduct?’.

Umar did not give any response for it verbally but he pointed towards the territory of Rome. It meant that the only remedy is to spend your life and wealth in Jihad. ‘You may achieve that position back which you have already lost’.

3. The disgrace and torture that they had to tolerate more than the present humiliation and insult is that because of their hypocritical trait and character they shall never possess the grace of truthful loyalty in the world up to death. Hence by ruining their worldly living they shall depart from the world such that the life in the hereafter shall be extremely worse.

4. These Madinite hypocrites were mostly wealthy and aged ones. In the list given by Ibn Katheer: ‘Al Badayah wan Nahayah’, we have only one youth who was poor. These persons used to deal with the properties and other related business in Madinah and their engagements had trained them to become opportunists. When Islam approached Madinah and the majority embraced Islam with sincerity and faith-passion, they found themselves caught in strange dilemma. They observed that, on one hand, the majority of their clan members and their own sons and daughters had been empowered with the belief in Islam. If they maintained the disbelief and denial of Islam, their prestige, honour and fame all are going to be destroyed to the extent that in their own houses chances are that mutiny may be raised up against them. But on the other hand if they support Islam then they had to be prepared to have conflicts and battles with the grievances and enmity and clashes. The continuation of selfish and self-esteemed practice and mentality took away the insight and the appreciation of justice, truthfulness and honest outlook for which may undertake the sacrifice of lives, wealth and properties.

Hence they dealt with the issues and problems only under the influence of their interests and business. Therefore the best alternative open for the safety of selfishness was that they declare the belief in Islam in order to maintain their apparent prestige and their business without putting their wealth at risk.  This mental background and attitude has been narrated here that in reality these people have only tied themselves with the believers out of compulsion and by the fear of losses.

5. That is if they openly remain as declared non-muslims while living in Madinah they may lose prestige and honour and risk their relationship with their own wives and children. On the other hand, if they leave Madinah, they will have to forego their business and properties. Moreover they don’t have seriousness for the disbelief style of living to bear and overcome such losses for the sake of infidelity. This dilemma has entangled them so much that they by compulsion stay in Madinah, offer prayers without sincerity and are willing to pay ‘penalty’ of Zakat payment. Moreover the frequent issue of Jihad at anytime, facing barbarous enemies and the demand of the sacrifices of spending properties and lives, so much trouble them that they are restless to find any loophole, hiding place or shelter unknown by others, to escape their duties.

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