Election of Donald Trump raises many questions on suitability of much admired democratic institutions in the modern world.

Democracy prides itself in electing the leaders chosen by the majority.

In a democratic election, the vote of every person has equal value irrespective of personal credentials.

Unfortunately, votes of the people who have voted for loosing candidates eventually have no value.

Democracy can elect the most unqualified leaders like Trump, least intelligent people like Bush (junior), criminals like Modi, corrupts like Zardari and many more.

These leaders are no better than the totalitarian rulers such as Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak or royals of the gulf countries.

The political leaders have the art of creating and exploiting emotions of masses in democracies.

They seek opportunity from the events at the time of election or very often create events to suit their agenda.

Whenever such events offer an opportunity to incite masses to suit political ideology of their party, they are able to take full advantage of it.

They twist issues, misrepresent facts and figures, create divisions to ensure that masses are convinced to vote for them in large numbers.

Of course, they have their financial backers who support them for promise of adequate favours and returns if elected to power.

It enables them to spend a fortune to get their message across to masses through media and all other means available.

The election  of Donald Trump is considered to be the most bizarre event of US political history. He fell out of favour from his own political party as most of the leading republicans found him not conforming to the political ethics of the grand old party.

His language was most rude at times, his expressions of hate particularly towards Muslims were alarming, his discomfort towards Maxicans, Latinos and blacks was confronting, his remarks about women showed that he was a brattish character.

Yet, Americans, largely the white working class related to him more as he spoke their language.

They did not relate to Hillary and her ideological gesture of being kind to immigrants or Muslims and typical talk and actions to conform to US political establishment.

A few issues such as leaked emails caused Hillary’s campaign huge damage.

Middle America has been angry not only because immigrants have taken their jobs but also because unfair trade deals, in their opinion, have shut down hundreds of manufacturing factories in US.

The hysteria created against Muslims by American media over past couple of decades made this segment of American society (and they are the majority) very intolerant towards Muslims.

Perhaps the biggest trump card, Trump played and repeated during his speeches countrywide was that he was not a politician. It shows how fed up voters have become from the political establishment, perhaps not only in US but also in many more democratic nations around the world.

If George Bush junior, leaning towards extreme right, could create unnecessary wars and do so much damage on a global level, Donald Trump, having full support of extreme right could even be more damaging.

The nationalist movements are gaining strength around the world which are generally seeking hatred towards minorities and immigrants.

White Supremacist movements in many Western countries are threatening the multicultural societies, these countries had built since world war II and under the new global village.

The extreme right Hindu movements are bent upon harming the multi-religious secular character of India. Extremist Muslim groups are repeatedly attacking Christian and other minorities in several Muslim countries.

Obama, eight years back was seen as Messiah by many in the Middle East. However, the real powerbrokers in Washington DC did not allow him to do what he may have wished.

During his Presidency, democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood Government in Egypt was crushed, Gaddafi was dethroned, Syrian war killed hundreds of thousands of people, situation in Iraq worsened. Obama could only give lectures but failed miserably when it came to action.

With the election of Trump, surely there are more uncertain times to come and we can only pray and wish for a peaceful world.