“Im sick of it. Im sick of reacting, I’m sick of apologising, I’m sick of going online very day and having to define myself by what Im not and not by what I am.”

This video marks the beginning of a movement in the making. “We’ve had enough of being constantly bombarded with negative images and people telling us who we are. The time has come for us to take control and tell our own stories.  BENI is a creative platform for anyone trying to imagine a world beyond the labels enforced upon them.

Anchored across social media, our various channels share a multitude of stories and journeys, offering a creative lens into the lived reality of an emerging global community. It’s a space where people are judged only by their passions, interests and ideas. Connecting them to others who share the same desire for creativity and expression.

BENI aims to create a world where individuals are not confined by what others think of them, but rather celebrated for how they choose to represent themselves. In short, we produce excellent content with people we love and admire.