Early in October Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti with catastrophic flooding of up to 100 cm and storm surge of up to 3 meters. At least 1,300 people were killed and more than 35,000 left homeless by the storm.

The Hurricane slammed into the south coast of Haiti, bringing heavy rain and winds of more than 200 km an hour. Entire towns were destroyed.

Although the storm’s now over, there’s still a long way to go before life returns to normal. Haiti will need a lot of help from other nations and aid organisations because it’s one of the poorest countries on earth.


Shelters have been set up around the country and tons of free supplies shipped in. Those supplies include things like food, to make sure people don’t go hungry, blankets and mats, to give people a place to sleep and stay warm, and hygiene kits, clean water and new cooking utensils, to stop people catching diseases like Cholera.

With millions affected and 90% of buildings in the nation’s south destroyed, it’s going to be a long road to recovery in Haiti.

But with aid agencies, world leaders and even average people donating help in different ways, it seems the people of Haiti won’t have to get through this disaster on their own.



Penny Appeal is working with partners on the ground in order to respond to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti in the most effective and impactful way possible.

With a nationwide unemployment rate over 40%, natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew threaten development efforts and thrust individuals and families back into a cycle of poverty.

By providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Matthew, Penny Appeal can sustain long-term development projects to help individuals recover their lives. All funds donated will be used to provide essential assistance in the form of food, water and shelter to help the victims in Haiti rebuild their lives.


Penny Appeal has already delivered food, water, and provisions to over 300 families. The emergency response team has been working tirelessly, traveling between Port-Au-Prince and Southern Haiti to deliver food, water, and supplies to Hurricane Matthew survivors.

Penny Appeal was set up in 2009 to provide poverty relief across Asia, the Middle East and Africa by offering water solutions, organising mass feedings, supporting orphan care and providing emergency food and medical aid.

Since then, Penny Appeal programs have continuously grown and evolved in line with the needs of communities in the developing world. It has established offices on the ground in the USA, and are now taking the charity to Australia in order to widen their influence, with the overarching aim of alleviating poverty worldwide.


Penny Appeal shows how a few pennies each day can add up to life-changing aid that transforms whole communities in a more sustainable way. It ensures donations have a real impact whilst still inspiring donors to give, and to give regularly.

In 2015 alone, Penny Appeal generated 8,100 orphan sponsorships. These such successes and achievements have been borne of all these developments and enhancements; by ensuring we take a holistic approach to improving every area of the organisation we deliver meaningful results as well as long-term practicality, adaptability and effectiveness for every generation.

The efficacy of the charity largely relies on our loyal team of volunteers, #TeamOrange, who carry with them our life-saving mission into communities to ensure that everyone can develop the same level of passion to transform lives. With Penny Appeal, it is important to help communities in the same way that they help Penny Appeal provide aid for communities in every corner of the globe.


Penny Appeal has announced its the registration in Australia in order to illustrate how the smallest contributions can transform the lives of people less fortunate.

Penny Appeal Australia will provide even more support for their teams on the ground in the 30+ countries we aid. Additionally, the charity is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient, so donations are tax deductible, ensuring that more is going directly to the causes that need our help the most.

Vision is: A sustainable world through empowered people and strong communities.

Penny Appeal Australia aims to eradicate poverty through transparent, innovative, and sustainable programs centred on uniting donors and communities around a common cause.

It is committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the associated Treaties and Covenants guides our work and provides the driving force behind our rights-based approach to ensuring:

  • The Right to Life and Security with Dignity
  • The Right to a Sustainable Livelihood
  • The Right to Essential Services

Penny Appeal Australia motto is “Proudly Muslim, Comfortably Australian.” All are invited to join us on this journey

Remember, every cent counts.
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