Mohamed Oud Slahi just released from Gitmo

Here’s the first video of “Guantanamo Diary” author Mohamed Oud Slahi, released from Gitmo this month after 14 years without charge or trial.

This moving minute video is full of peace and contentment as Mohamed relays how he was in prison for a number of years, and he thanks to all who helped him get out. His comment on forgiveness is extremely poignant, and a great reminder to   us all.

“I was recently released from Guantanamo Bay Prison after many years of detention. My release was a concerted effort led by many good hearted people. I have no doubt that the good American people will realise that holding innocent people in prison is no the way to go and will work for their release until every last innocent detainee has joined his family.

I wholeheartedly forgive everyone who wronged me during my detention, and I forgive because forgiveness is my inexhaustible resource.

May God forgive us and make peace all over the world. I should like to ad also the people who signed the petitions.

Yours sincerely, Mohammed Oud Slahi.”

Video by ACLU Nationwide.