“When you tell me that I can solve violent extremism, you’re also telling me that I’m part of the problem and guess what, I’m not.” The police monitored mosques for six years, without yielding a single lead. There are some really big problems when politicians tell Muslims that they are on the frontline of violent extremism. It’s allowed the government to spy on Muslim communities.

Why are we presumed to be terrorists or the friends, neighbours or cousins of terrorists when, in fact, Muslims are the biggest victims of terror, world wide. We don’t tell young white men to be the eyes and ears in the fight against mass shootings.

There’s been an average of 337 attacks every year by right wing extremists since 9/11, and that number is only increasing. Somehow the conversations seem to always centre of people who are Muslim. Politicians keep getting it wrong when talking about Muslims, terrorism and the fight against extremism.

Of course, everyone should report anything dangerous, but why should reporting violent extremism fall mainly on Muslims?

Video produced by Fusion.

Video: youtu.be/Dumlq2DZ5ks