Australia is unique in many aspects. It’s a continent nation with a small population consisting of people from a diverse background and a success story in Multiculturalism.

It tops in meat consumption in the world. Its per capita consumption of meat is 100 kg per person per year which comes to around 250 g per person per day.

Australia is one of the largest meat exporter in the world and is world leader in halal meat production. It exports Halal meat to hundred countries including the United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bahrain and Egypt.

The total Halal market is valued at around $2.1 trillion Australian dollars.

During the year 2014-2015 the combined Australian export of meat (lamb, mutton, beef and veal) was $11.332 billion and of live sheep and cattle export for slaughter was $140 .8 billion.

What is Halal meat? 

Halal, an Arabic word pertaining to meat denotes both the Islamic method of slaughter as well as the product thus derived, is lawful for consumption by Muslims.

Similarly, Kosher, a Hebrew word, pertaining to meat means the Jewish method of slaughter and also the product thus derived through it.

Both Halal and Kosher mean lawful foods fit to be consumed by Muslims and Jews respectively.

Of all the ritualistic methods of slaughter, Halal method is the most widespread and considered to be the best. It is safe and wholesome as all blood is drained out from the animal.

Blood is carrier of bacteria, viruses and toxins which are harmful for health and abhorrent (haram) in Islam.  Thus proper bleeding helps in enhancing the quality of meat as well as it improves the taste too!

The Australian Government Authorized Halal Program (AGAHP) ensures maintenance of Halal status and segregation of product after carcasses are declared Halal by Muslim slaughtermen.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture is responsible for the approval of all AGHAP programs and monitors all aspects of the program on a daily basis.

This includes security and issue of Halal stamps and the signing of export and domestic certificates.

All registered meat processing establishments in Australia wishing to produce Halal meat must include a detailed Halal program in their Approved Arrangement (AA).

The AA must identify the Approved Islamic Organisation (AIO) that is responsible for the training and overlooking of the slaughtermen’s ritual slaughter activities, who will routinely verify Halal arrangements at the establishments.

It should ensure by a constant vigilance and regular inspection that the Halal product is prepared, packed, handled and stored in a manner that addresses

Halal integrity at all stages of production is tough but an admirable job with the noble motto “It is better to be than appear to be”.