Hadith Collection  (All in one)

Available on Android

Price: Free

Have you ever been in a position where you’re trying to find a Hadith that someone mentioned to you? 

Or you want to reference something you believed to be true?

Hadith have always been a source of guidance for us to follow.  Sometimes we get mixed up between what is truly an Islamic practice and what is just a cultural tradition  and want to source out Hadith for verification.

So in order to authenticate what the Prophet said and did, Hadith Collection (all in one) by GreenTech will be extremely helpful.

Hadith Collection (all in one) contains Hadith from the major books of Hadith such as Sahih Bukhari to Sunan an-Nasa’I, Jami at Timidhi and so on.

All together 14 books and 41000+ Hadith are compiled through this app. There is proper detail from where the Hadith was taken. References are from Sunnah.com

Another great feature of Hadith Collection (all in one) is how user friendly it is. The search engine is strong and all you have to do is type in key word/s and it will search through all the books of Hadith.

You can easily:

  • bookmark any Hadith you want.
  • Make folders – for example a folder on woman or wadu for easy access later.
  • Easy to back up your search results.

I have been using Hadith Collection (all in one) and found it extremely useful to gain knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings and practice.