Meet Lina Jeleile, a Lebanese mother of four, born and raised in Sydney and currently the face of the “The Lebanese Plate”. 

Lina’s life took a turn after she decided to resign from her job in teaching to spare some time off. Her passion for photography led her to enrol at the CATC design school, where she studied photo imaging as a hobby. A year later, her hobby transformed into a career which was rapidly moving forward.

It all started at the beginning of April 2015, where Lina decided to combine her Lebanese and Australian culture together. “I can take the best of both words and form an identity from that” Lina quotes. She believes that the only link she shares with her country back home is through food. “I want my kids to have a link back to their heritage and I want them to be proud of it” Lina explains.


As a result, Lina started her Instagram blog under the title of “The Lebanese Plate” which exhibits the delicious traditional Lebanese food in a visually aesthetic way.

Food Platter by Lina J.

Food Platter by Lina J.

Not long after, she was voted in Kidspot’s Voices of 2015 for her food and travelling photography and scored top three in Australia for her blog.

Opening a studio at home encouraged Lina to get more creative with her food presentation. She says “At first it took a long time to decorate but over time, I’ve developed my own style”.

Evidently, her feed flows with bright colours in comparison to her dark, rusty-looking backgrounds. She enjoys taking most of her images from a high angle which has a become a common technique throughout her blog.  Lina believes that food speaks for itself hence why she does minimal editing to her food photography.

#SpreadHummusNotHate campaign.

#SpreadHummusNotHate campaign.

From mouth watering food platters to high tea, The Lebanese plate shares it all. Currently with over 21k followers on Instagram, Lina hopes to spread awareness about Islamophobia, start interfaith conversations and make new friends through her new campaign ‘Spread Hummus Not Hate’. “Food can be this linking factor, bringing everyone together. I want people to understand and witness for themselves that Muslims are average people just like everyone else” Lina explains.

The food blogger has plans of opening a café in the future, however, nothing yet has been confirmed.