The 4th annual Twins of Faith conference was held on Sunday 25 September at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney under the theme ‘The Awakening’ organised by the Mercy Mission.

The event aimed to inspire and enlighten people through knowledge and action and addressed productive and practical ways to change from an Islamic perspective.

The conference attended by hundreds of people combined the world’s best local and international guest speakers in one platform alongside workshops, Panels, live entertainment and family-friendly activities for all!

The full day event started off with an exclusive workshop by The Productive Muslim with CEO Mohammed Faris, explaining the keys to a productive lifestyle, followed by a talk with Sheikh Alaa Elsayed.

In celebration of Eid Al-Adha, A grand bazar and a halal food market was held on the day containing local and international Muslim businesses, food stalls, live entertainment and the first FIFA PlayStation tournament ever!

The kids enjoyed the ‘Little Explorers World’ which contained plenty of fun activities including jumping castles, a treasure hunt, sports and stories all which were based on prophetic teachings.

After Asar prayer, an interesting panel was run by the Arabic Language Master, Ustadh Al-Bizry alongside Sheik Hassan Elsetohy and Shady Al-Suleiman to discuss taboo topics within an Islamic framework.

The conference concluded when Spoken Word artists Kamal Saleh and Mohammad Khodr blew the audience away combining their talents in an epic spoken word and Nasheed combo.