This issue continues the series exclusive to AMUST on the 99 divine attributes of Allah.

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  1. Dhal–Jalāli wal-Jkrām – The Majestic, Glorious and Honorable.


  1. All that is on the earth is doomed to perish1. While your Rabb’s (Provider) own Self will remain full of majesty and glory. Which of your Rabb’s (Provider) wonders2 would you deny. Everyone in the heavens and on earth entreat Him3. Every day He manifests

Himself in a new state.  Which of your Rabb’s (Provider) favours4 would you deny

(Al – Rahman 55: 26-30)


  1. In this expression, the Jinn and human species have been informed about the two realities:

Firstly, neither of you two species are immortal nor are your provision forever and indestructible. The only permanent and non- diminishing existence is Allah with permanent majesty and glory of whom the whole Cosmos presents witness and you two all are enjoined with the bounties and comforts in this world.

Secondly, both you two species are limited that when you approach for help and the fulfillment of your needs, none have the capability to provide for your help as they are themselves dependent upon the blessing and favors of Allah

  1. Here the word “wonders” used for Allah refers to His miracles and His abnormal performance not possible to be copied by the two species. So whatever the signs for these performances exhibited by any other being as his/her personal performances, all these are basically due to the supremacy of the Rabbul ‘Ālameen (the Creator and Nourisher of all universe).
  2. The performance of Allah is the customs and on-going manifestation of His attributes in the whole universe. He is the Controller and Proprietor of all the objects, instrument and changes in the world. There are numerous manifestations of his benevolence and bounties.
  3. Here the word “favours” refers to his numerous attributes. So the one who indulges in polytheism belies any one or more of his attributes. So any polytheist’s writings or sayings is the falsification of Allah’s attributes.


86 – Al-Muqsit, The Just, The Equitable

Those who are misers and enjoin upon people miserliness, Allah is not in need of their charity. And whosoever turns away (from Faith) then Allah is Rich (Free of All Needs), Worthy of All Praise.1

Indeed We have sent Our Messenger with clear proofs, and revealed with him the Scripture and the Balance (justice) that mankind may keep up justice.2 And We brought forth iron3 wherein mighty power (in matter of war)  as well as many benefits for mankind, that Allah may test who it is that will help ( his religion) and His Messenger. Verily Allah is All Strong, All Mighty.4

(Al Hadeed 57: 24, 25)


  1. After listening or going through this precious directive, if any person does not adopt the way of sincerity, obedience, selflessness and sacrifice then Allah does not get perturbed. There is nothing that Allah desires from humans. He is has a laudable characteristic. Only those of nice nature are accepted by Him and the evil-doers are not listed among those having His mercy and pleasure.
  2. The first portion of the verse 25 denotes the mission of the Prophet’s quintessence. It mentions that all the prophets brought the same message having the three following precious commodities for humans;

a) Evidence ( obvious truths): The conveyors of the message are the Prophets of Allah with clear arguments ; proves they have as the truth; the mistake of the wrong-doers ; Distinct directives of the correct way of the beliefs; morality, worships and worldly affairs

b) Message: It contains the all essential advices required for the humans to adopt and practice in this world.

c) Balance: Avoiding the extremes and taking the exact quantities in between as the most correct one between the two extremes, differentiating the truth and falsehood.

Hence, these three concepts were conveyed through the messengers for establishing humans’ living system both on individual and community basis.

  1. The description of iron excluding all other substances indicates that Allah did not depute the Prophets only for the sermon on the maintenance of justice but it was also included in their duties to have their mission of establishing justice in the prescribed way. The believers should have to pursue the teaching of the Prophet but they are also obliged to use iron or other similar resource, equipment or technology for crushing the evil-doers coming in the way of righteousness.

Allah does not need the help of humans to change the world as he is very powerful and mighty but Allah has adopted the present method of refinement for the test of the humans.  In this way, the humans can elevate themselves to the pursuit of success and achievement after undergoing all the struggle.  For this aim Allah adopted the scheme to work for goodness as well as eradicate the evils.


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