The Islamic School of Canberra has been given a new lease of life after the Federal Government promised to reinstate its funding last week.
The Commonwealth had abruptly halted the flow of Federal funds early this year leaving the ongoing existence of the school doubtful.
The Commonwealth funding will restart from September following a review of the earlier decision in the light of the recent submissions by the new school board.
“Allhumdullilah, this is a major achievement for the Muslims of Canberra,” said Ms Azra Khan, the Chair of the ISC Board and acting Principal.
In a statement released by the Board “It means ISC will now operate with transparency and strong governance and take its rightful place in the nations’ capital to serve Australia.

The ISC Board (L to R)" Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Abu Saleh, Suhail Khan, Azra Khan (Chair) and Saifullah Dewan

The ISC Board (L to R)” Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Abu Saleh, Suhail Khan, Azra Khan (Chair) and Saifullah Dewan

“The Board now encourages the wider community members to unite in support and come forward to assist the school in its further development.”
One of the key requirements the board had to achieve was independence from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC).
“The Commonwealth government is now satisfied that the school’s governance and operational management are now compliant. Hence the School Board has been given the status of ‘Approved Authority’,” the Board pointed out.
In a meeting organised with the Parents and Friends Association (PFA-ISC), the Board met with the parents of the school on Saturday 3 September to provide more detail of the good news.
The Board will now focus on renewing the registration for the school up to Year 7 from 2017 onward and then will aim to have Year 8 registered for 2018.

Ms Khan thanked the parents for their patience and asked them to encourage others to send their children to the school now that its future is secure.
The Board is now looking to complete its recruitment drive and aims to have a permanent Principal appointed within the next few months.
The President of PFA-ISC, Mr Kalam Azad, thanked the Board and particularly Ms Khan, for their dedication and hard work for which the only reward was the service to the community and to Allah.
Mr Azad added now that it is up to the parents to also step up and help the school deliver in its promise of an excellent well-rounded education for their children.
More information on the decision can be found on the school’s website:!message-from-the-board/o2r2t