The controversial youtube pranksters, the Jalal Brothers have tried to show a more softer side with their latest video ‘Helping Those In need’.

They were filmed building 60 care packages (worth $600) before dressing in their trademark white robes and fake beards and dropping them to homeless people in the city centre.

The video shows them purchasing first aid packs, juice, chips, electronic tablets, headphones, $100 food voucher, water, blankets, towels, warm clothing, even condoms and a whole range of other products into a black duffle bag.

When they approach someone on the street, the bearded man in white robes drops the bag and says “This is yours man, have a nice day.”

Filming from a distance, you can see this gesture brings the receiver to tears, as they are shocked by receiving so many goods.

When the cameras eventually approach the homeless, hugs and handshakes are shared.

They said “We’re just trying to tell people that you have let’s say a little bit of extra money, sometimes its nice to give back to the community and people that need it more.”