Harmony-Day-Every-Day-wl-e1443662772689The next Harmony Walk will be at Fairfield Park, Fairfield on Wednesday 28 September 2016 from 11 am to 4 pm.

This will be a day for everyone to participate in and share the spirit of inclusion and diversity. It will be a chance for people from all communities to come together in one of Sydney’s most flourishing and diverse communities.

The Moving Forward Together Association is organising the Harmony walk with support from Multicultural NSW, the Fairfield Council, NRL, the Australian Football Association, STARTTS, the Australian MEFF Consortium, the Australian Baha’I Association, the Australian Catholic University and some local schools.

The Harmony Walk event has been successfully staged in Coogee in 2012 while the event was held in 2013 & 2014 at Cathedral Square in Sydney and in 2015 in Blacktown.

Along with the Harmony Walk events the organization has a highly successful Harmony Poster & Song Writing competition with 4000 -6000 entries annually. Is not political, non sectarian. The organizing committee has educators, a former judge, professors, and individuals from all walks of life, representing a diverse group who work together, seeking to promote the values of peace and harmony towards a decent and inclusive society.

“The aim for this event and the ones in past is to take away the fear of the unknown, for Fairfield and beyond  in particular celebrate our diversity, stand united, share and join in fun and activities. Promote a healthy life style  and to the regions continued success of being a diverse group of people locally and beyond” stated Ernie Friedlander the President of Moving Forward Together Association.”

The objectives of Moving Forward Together are:

  • Encourage respect for national, ethnic, and religious differences, while promoting adherence to Australian law and values.
  • Promote Harmony, Respect, Diversity, Social Cohesion, and inclusion for a better understanding among all sectors of the community.
  • Nurture a broad social conscience, where individuals have rights, but also responsibilities to others.
  • Facilitate education and networking across the nation and among communities to help promote acceptance and understanding.