There has been yet another poll regarding Muslim immigration to Australia whose findings can be summarised as follows:

Polling service Essential asked “Would you support or oppose a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia?” They found that 49 percent of respondents would support it.

Just 40 percent opposed it. Of the supporters, 40 percent claimed Muslims “do not integrate into Australian society”, 27 percent cited “terrorist threat”, and 22 percent said “They do not share our values”.

The accuracy of the poll has been criticised on a number of grounds, one being the very small sample size.

However we certainly should be alert as well as alarmed by these results.

There exists a vicious circle of fear all around that is plaguing our society on a global scale.

The terrorists on one hand and the likes of Geert Wilders, Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson on the other hand seem to be in league in perpetuating this fear mongering.

Random, infrequent and indiscriminate acts of terror, specially in the West grab the headlines in the media creating fear amongst people, irrespective of their religion, nationality and race.

These acts are used by xenophobic politicians to perpetuate fear in the general population and they play divisive politics to gain popularity and votes.

When looked statistically, there are much greater chances of one being a victim of domestic violence or incur injury due to traffic accident than killed by a terrorist.

Half of Australia wants to ban Muslim immigration because of this fear created by the Islamophobia industry.

Reciprocally now Muslims generally and Muslim women in particular living in the West are becoming the victims of fear as well.

This kind of fear is driving some Muslims to hide their identity as Muslims. It drives them to anglicise their name while seeking jobs, avoid wearing Muslim attire in public, in sport, on beaches, at work.

What kind of society it will be if we take these fears to take hold.

We need to fight our fears, control them and eventually eradicate them.

Don’t be afraid of terrorists. Take all precautions but get rid of the fear.

Be proud Muslims, don’t hide your identity and be bold in your practice of Islam and living as Muslims.

Be brave, don’t live in hiding and in fear of your life.

ZI Ahmad