The Muslim community of Canberra came together again to raise money for the masjid planned just across the border in the NSW town of Queanbeyan.

The fundraising dinner was held at the University of Canberra Refectory on Saturday 13 August.

The proceedings were started by Abdul Gaffar Khan, President of IFAM ACT who introduced the chief speaker for the night, Rizwan Ahmed, a current student of Usool at Al-Azhar University.

Speaker Rizwan Ahmed.

Speaker Rizwan Ahmed.

Rizwan Ahmed stressed the need for the Muslim community in the West to focus on the big issues and not be bogged down by trivialities.

“Our priority should be tangible things that our community is going through,” he pointed out.

Rather than fighting over where to place your hands during prayer, we should focus on, for example, do we have all the facilities available for burials of Muslims.

He concluded his speech with an appeal to the audience to reach into their pockets and give for the building of the masjid.

Dinner was served and was followed by Isha prayer.

The total money raised in donations and pledges came to $101,000 – significant progress in IFAM ACT’s aim to raise the $600,000 target.