Dear Malcolm

Please see what the world communities are saying about the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people and the destruction of the great and earliest civilization of humanity in Iraq!

The British have moved to act so that they can clear their conscience and guilt for their part in the deaths of the Iraqis.

What is Australia going to do about its role and how John Howard as PM blindly supported the US and the UK?

As PM, you have the responsibility to commence similar investigations as did the British! Will you show leadership and humanity to do something or will you just brush these matters aside?

What about the deaths of 3 million children, women and elderly who died in Iraq as a direct consequence of Western sanctions in which Australia was a willing partner?

When will the world see some justice and fairness to bring those involved to trial and answer for their actions?

What the western alliance did in Iraq has been worse than what Saddam was doing and he probably got what he deserved!

What justice will be given to those innocent people who died for nothing? What about our own forces who suffered many casualties of war? What we see in the world today has its beginnings in the Iraq war!

Malcolm, we know that this would be very heavy on your mind and your heart and we pray that you will not step back for fear of criticism or loss of government but stand for real peace which will only be based on truth and justice!

History will judge you kindly if you act without fear or favour NOW!


Amjad Mehboob