How often do you see the crossword question: God of the Muslims)?   The correct answer as far as the Crossworders go is “Allah”.  

If we are being pedantic, in essence the answer to the question is true; Allah is worshipped by Muslims.  However, the inference is that Allah is God of Muslims alone, and for those with knowledge this is not the truth of the matter.

If you were to go to a Muslim and ask this question his answer would be along these lines: “Allah, whilst being The God Whom we Muslims worship, is also The God of mankind and of everything upon the Earth and in the universe.  Allah is The One and Only God, Who created all things from that which did not exist.”

For whatever reason, there are those who would hotly argue against the Muslim claim that Allah is The Creator God, and it has often been stated that He is a pagan god, or the Moon God, or that He is a false God.  So who is right?

Perhaps in this instance our Atheist friend, you will wish to turn the page, but Allah is there for Atheists also, so why not just read on?

What does the word itself mean?

The word Allah is Arabic in origin and literally means “The God”.   This is a unique word because, unlike many other references to deities, this word cannot be pluralized, nor yet does it have gender.  In its uniqueness is the truth for believing Muslims, for “Gods” or “Goddesses” have no place within Islam.  It is Allah Who Alone is God.

Allah throughout history

That this word is not a new word, and that Allah was known and worshipped long before the message of Islam was delivered by Prophet Muhammad may be confirmed by a number of facts, not the least of which are as follows:

(1) We know certainly that the father of Prophet Muhammad was named “Abdullah” which means “servant of Allah.”

Do not, however, fall into the trap of believing that because Arabia was a recognised pagan nation before the coming of Islam that Allah was ever considered to be a pagan god.  The truth of the matter is that prior to Arabia’s disastrous plunge into idolatry the Arabs, as children of Abraham, were believers in the God of Abraham, Allah.

(2)   The Ka’bah, known as the Holy House in Mecca, which is even today a place of pilgrimage for Muslims, was not only built by the Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael as a place of worship and pilgrimage, but from the earliest historians, such as Ibn Ishaq, we find the other branch of Abraham’s family, the children of Isaac, also acknowledged Mecca (anciently known as Baca/Baka to both Arabs and Jews) as a sacred site to The One God.  The Prophet David has made mention of the valley of Baca and the Holy House in the Eighty-fourth Psalm.   It was only when idolatry marred the purity of belief that the children of Isaac ceased their pilgrimage.

(3) Terminology from other Semitic languages: Scholars and Historians acknowledge that the language spoken by Jesus was Aramaic.  So what name would Jesus have given to the Creator God?  Surprisingly the answer is Allaha, which, it cannot be denied, is so very closely related to the word Allah.  Also when considering the Message of Jesus we cannot escape the fact that, as stated in Mark 12:29 he reiterated the call of Deuteronomy 6:4 to his people to worship God alone:  “Hear O Israel!  Thy God is One Lord!”  O yes, Allah was known from the dawn of time.

(4) Proof that the word Allah has always been a recognised word for The Almighty may be noted universally by the fact that in regions where Arabic is and has been the spoken or included language “Allah” is used not only by Muslims but by practising Jews and Christians even to this day.

Therefore it is totally wrong to limit the usage of this Title to Muslim believers alone.

Is the “Allah” of Muslims the same as the “Allah” of Jews and Christians?

Well, of course to prove this point we have to look into the Qur’anic texts.  It is within these texts that we find the following about Allah:

He is The Almighty, The Lord God, Creator of the Universe and all that is; He it was Who bestowed life and forgiveness upon Adam and his wife as progenitors of mankind; Who brought Noah safely through the flood; Who was the Friend and Giver of sons to Abraham in his old age; Who preserved Lot; Who led Moses and the Israelites from Egypt; Whose many gifts rested upon David and Solomon; Who blessed the wombs of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and her cousin, Mary, the virgin Mother of Jesus the Messiah who was sent as a  deliverance for the Jews and to be a Sign for all peoples at the end of time; Who has never deserted humanity and Who, in His Loving-kindness, sent Muhammad as the final prophet and mercy for mankind.

Yes, indeed it is the same Allah.  His Message and His Mercy has not changed. Sadly that cannot be said for the previous Messages or the world for which it has been sent.

What about the crossword?

Hmmm!  Well, after all it is only a crossword!