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83 – Al Ra’ ūf  – The Compassionate

  1. The foolish will ask, ‘What has made them turn away from their direction of prayer which they used to face?’1 Say, ‘The East and the West belong to Allah, He guides whom He pleases to their right path.’ 2
  2. Thus We have made you a middle community, so that you may act as a witnesses for mankind, and the Messengers may be a witness for you.3 We decreed your former prayer direction towards which you used to face only in order that We might make a clear distinction between the Messenger’s true follower and those who were to turn their back on him. This was indeed a hard test for all but those whom Allah had guided. Allah will never let your faith go to waste. Allah is Compassionate and Merciful to mankind. 4
  3. We frequently see you turn your face towards heaven. So We will make you turn in a direction for prayer that will please you. So turn your face now towards the Sacred Mosque: and wherever you may be, turn your face towards it. Those who were given the Book know this to be the truth from their Rabb. Allah is not unaware of what they do. 5

( Al Baqarah 2:142-144)


1. The Prophet used to offer salat (prayer) for 16/17 months with Qibla directed towards the Bait –ul-Muqaddas (Dome of the Rock). Then the directive of Allah was received to offer prayer toward Al-Kā’bah, as given in this passage.

2. These are the first responses of the objection of the foolish people. Their minds were closed, the vision were very limited and they were the worshipers of locality and directions??. Then firstly as a nullification of their ignorant objections it was declared that the East or the West both belong to Allah. To consider Qibla a particular direction does not connote that Allah rests only in that direction. The people who have been bestowed with the guidance from Allah are devoid of this short-mindedness.

3. This is the declaration of the leadership of the “Ummah (followers) of Muhammad (s)”. The word “kazalika” in this verse refers to both ways; firstly it is for Allah’s direction through which the direct way was found for the followers of the Prophet and thus they were termed as the “first Ummah” . Secondly it refers to change of Qibla (prayer direction) that connotes the firm deportation of Bani Israil from the state of the world leadership and the assignment of the leadership now to the followers of the Prophet.

The Ummah Wast (Just Followers) contains vast meaningfulness, which can never be exposed through any other term.  On one hand it pertains to such a high and noble multitude that sticks to justice, impartiality and companionship, and on the other hand, it attains the chief position of leadership among the believers over all the world, having conformable relation of truthfulness and dealings with all communities and people.

Then it is mentioned, “you are evidence for people and the Prophet is evidence for you”. It connotes that at the time of joint accounting of all the humanity, the Prophet shall be testimony as the responsible mouthpiece of Allah that the directives were imparted to him about the truthful and just worldly system handed over to him that has been conveyed to them exactly without any omission and demonstrated with fulfillment personally by himself.

Hence the assignment to an individual or a group to act as evidence for Allah pertains to him or his position and leadership. Thus it is a great rank or honor as well as a great responsibility to fulfill this assignment. Thus it means that all the followers of the Prophet have to stand as the live testimony for godliness, truthfulness, patience and faithfulness.

Thus the followers of the Prophet and the believers of Islam have a great responsibility to fulfill totally otherwise they shall be questioned on the Day of Resurrection about their world-leadership.

4. This expression is revealed to humanity by Allah to differentiate between the people who are engaged in the Jahili prejudice and destruction of lives and the people who have the exact realisation of the truth being free from any self-made favours to particular groups.

Hence Allah first appointed Bait –ul-Muqaddas as the Qibla to eliminate the idol worships from the truthful believers of Monotheism from the worshippers of Israili worshippers.  So now those persons have remained with the Prophet who are never the worshippers of any kind of idol rather they are the worshippers of only one God (Allah).

5. These are the exact directives about the change of Qibla. It was revealed 2 AH in the month of Al-Rajab or Al- Shaban, Ibn Sā’d narrates;

“The Prophet had gone to Barāi-bin-M‘ārūr and the time of Zuhr prayer arrived. The Prophet led the prayer. After completing two rak‘at this verse was revealed to Him. Immediately the Prophet and the persons following the Prophet changed the direction of prostration from Bait –ul-Muqaddas to Al-Kabah. It was immediately followed in Madinah and its suburbs.”

The Prophet was waiting for these directives. He, himself, is fully convinced that now the leadership of Israil is going to be terminated by Allah and therefore the time for the leadership of Arabs is to be installed.

Masjid Haram connotes the mosque of piety and honor. It pertains to the place of worship in the middle of which is the house of Ka‘bāh.


84  – Al Mālik-ul-Mulk – The Sovereignty of Supreme Dominion

  1. Say O’Allah, Owner of the Sovereignty, You give sovereignty whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honor whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your Hand is good. Indeed, you are all things competent
  2. You cause the night to enter the day, and You cause the day to enter the night; and You bring the living out of the dead, and You bring the dead out of the living. And You give provision to whom You will without account. 1
  3. Let not believer take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever does that has nothing with Allah, except when taking precaution against them in prudence.2 And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the final destination.3

(Āl-e-Imrān 3:26-28)


1. A sincere, noble and impartial human being, on one side, observes the mischievous behaviors of the infidels and disbelievers about how they are prospering enormously in this world and then observes, on the other side, the obedience of the believers together with their victimisation of affliction and atrocities in which the Prophet and the Companions have been involved since 3 AH.  Then such a person feels a wistful interrogation in his heart. Allah has responded here about this confusion in a very elegant style with marvellous exquisiteness.

2. If a believer has been trapped among a group of persons having misunderstood the image of Islam and is afraid of having atrocities and tyranny from them, he is permitted to conceal his belief and live with them as if he is one of them or if he has been exposed as a believer, he can extend a friendship and cordial relationship with them.

3. But human beings should not become so much dominated upon such a person that he forgets the consciousness and presence of Allah. Beware that humans can destroy your worldly affairs but Allah can destine you to everlasting punishment. Hence for your safety and security you may bluff the disbelievers to a limited extent in urgent helplessness as long as you never harm the Islamic mission or message nor indulge in the loss of life or property of any other believer. Remember that for your own safety if you commit to bring any loss to the party of the believer or to one individual believer, you shall never be released from the security and accounting of Allah. Ultimately, you are to be finally presented to Him.

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