The Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims, IFAM awarded the winners of the Islamic Quiz Competition at a prize distribution ceremony on Sunday 31 July 2016 at the University of NSW attended by more than 250 youth, parents, organisers and sponsors.

The highly popular Islamic Quiz Competition was earlier held on Sunday 22 May at the Western Sydney University participated by almost 200 youth and children.

Having run this program successfully for the last ten years in Canberra and highly appreciated by students as well as their parents, it was the first time that this unique program was organized in NSW.

With the slogan “Learn & Win: every child will win a prize”, almost 200 youngsters ranging from kindy to year 10 registered for the competition.

The programme started with welcome and a briefing about the Quiz competition by Zaffar Khan from IFAM.

Prize bags containing traditional and educational gifts were distributed amongst more than 120 youth and children

Three winners from each category of the competition were awarded with major prizes as follows:

Group D 1st prize: Abeer Kamran Umrah Ticket

Group D 2nd Prize: Aishah Navaid Samsung Tablet

Group D 3rd Prize: Nabiha Rajput Digital Quran

Group C 1st Prize: Syed Muzammil Ahmad Dell Laptop

Group C 2nd Prize: Zaina Siddiqui Kodak Underwater Camera

Group C 3rd Prize: Muhammad Mehroz Khan Foldable Bike with Halmet

Group B 1st Prize: Uzair Mian Dell Laptop

Group B 2nd Prize: Ajwa Binte Adnan Telescope

Group B 3rd Prize: Muhammad Talha Adnan Digital Pen Quran.