P3_MUSLIMS AUSTRALIA_Final_woSquareMr Keysar Trad who replaced Mr Usaid Khalil as the Treasurer of AFIC earlier in the year has taken over as the new President of AFIC.

The past president Mr Hafez Kasem who was surrounded by bitter infighting within AFIC finally resigned on 26 July where the Executive Committee of AFIC agreed to appoint Keysar Trad as the President.

In a media release dated 28 July, Mr Trad said, “I am committed to promote peace, public safety, better understanding and greater harmony amongst all Australians. We will listen, we will take heed and we will adopt a conciliatory approach that unites all Australians.”

He further added “As the national umbrella body for all Muslims, Muslims Australia will strive to not only improve relations within Australia, but also promote Australia abroad as the multicultural nation of the Fair Go for all”.

In a detailed interview given on OnePath Network, an on-line TV channel based in Sydney, he clarified a number of accusations against AFIC and admitted of some mistakes committed by those in the top leadership of the organisation over the years.

In communication with AMUST when asked to provide a roadmap for the future of AFIC, he enumerated the following points:

  1. Ensure the return of funding to Malek Fahad Islamic School and that the board is made up of members of the Mainstream Muslim community.
  2. Embark on a Public Relations program for AFIC.
  3. Enhance Daawah activities with both interfaith and broader outreach events and publications that promote better awareness about Islam in Australia
  4. Demand a proper audit of all member societies to ensure that they are all active and comply with Australian regulations.
  5. Invite active, complying Muslim associations and societies to become members of AFIC.
  6. Improve relations with all genuine mainstream Muslim community organisations.
  7. Better engage with member societies and the grassroots on individual level.
  8. Coordinate grants for key activities for member councils and societies of AFIC.