This issue continues the series exclusive to AMUST on the 99 divine attributes of Allah. 

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81 – Al –Muntaqim – The Owner of Retribution. 

Is not Allah sufficient for His Servant [Prophet Muhammad]? And [yet], they threaten you with those [they worship] other than Him. And whoever Allah leaves astray – for him there is no guide. 1 

And whoever Allah guides – for him there is no misleader. Is not Allah Exalted in Might and Owner of Retribution?  2 

And if you asked them, “Who created the heavens and the earth?” they would surely say, “ Allah”. Say, “Then have you considered what you invoke besides Allah? If Allah intended me harm, are they removers of His harm; or if He intended me mercy, are they withholders of His mercy?” Say, “Sufficient for me is Allah; upon Him [alone] rely the [wise] reliers.” 3 

Say, “O my people, work according to your position, [for] indeed, I am working; and you are going to know. 4 

To whom will come a torment disgracing him and on whom will descend an enduring punishment. 

Indeed, We sent down to you the Book for the people in truth. So whoever is guided – it is for [the benefit of] his soul; and whoever goes astray only goes astray to its detriment. And you are not a manager over them. 5

( Az Zumar 39: 36-41)


The disbelievers used to respond to the Prophet: “You scorn our deities while you don’t know how greatly blessed and miraculous they are. If you do not stop all these remarks, they shall destroy you.”

This attribute of Allah is also an indication of the disbelievers’ abstention from the guideds by Allah that these simpletons don’t have have great regard and concern about their deities.  They never even think about the fact that Allah is the overall Supreme and Powerful Being and by their polytheistic attitude of the associating partnership of these deities with Allah, their degradation of Allah will result in the severe punishment for this blasphemy.

Ibn Abbas (ra) narrated:  The Prophet said, “The one who wishes to be most powerful of all humans should trust upon Allah and the one who wishes to be most wealthy, he should rely most about what procuring he does himself for getting the wealth and the one who wishes to be most honourable among the human beings, he should fear Allah the most Blessed and Exalted.”

Whatever you do to attempt to defeat me, continue on and try your best.

Allah is ordering the Prophet: “Your task is not to bring these opponents on the right track. Your mission is only to present the message of Islam as conveyed to you and if they persist to not follow Islam, it is not your responsibility.”

82-  Al- ‘Afūw – The Ever Pardoning 

Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depth (grade) of the Fire ;  no helper will you find for them. 

Except those who repent (from hypocrisy) do righteous good deeds, hold fast to Allah and purify their religion for Allah by worshipping none but Allah, and do good for Allah’s sake only, not to (show off), then they will be with the believers. And Allah will grant the believer a great reward. 1

Why should Allah punish you if you have thanked (Him)2 and have ever believed in Him and Allah is Ever All-Appreciative (of good), All Knowing. 3 

Allah does not like that the evil should be uttered in public except by him who has been wronged. And Allah is Ever All- Hearer, All-Knower. 

Whether you (mankind) disclose (by good words of thanks) a good deed (done to you in the form of a favor by someone) or conceal it or pardon an evil, verily, Allah is Ever Oft-Pardoning, All Powerful. 4

( An- Nisa 4:145-149)

Purification of the religion (Al-Deen) refers to the strict emphasis to the believers that the loyalty of the humans should be exclusively maintained with Allah without any other partner with Him.  The believer should submit his/her intense affections and faith to Allah only.  Nothing should be so much attached with a person that they cannot it sacrifice for the sake of Allah.

The real function of faithfulness is the sincere affirmation of the gratitude and the bounties given by Allah.  This verse orders never to adopt the practice of disregard for the benevolence of Allah and emphasises the attitude of indebtedness of Allah. Rather now they should believe totally to be fully submissive to Allah so that there is no chance of having a punishment from Allah.

The English substitute for the Arabic word Shākir used here is “true patron.”  Shukr, when applied for humans by Allah, means the affirmation of his/her service showing patronage; when it is used for Allah by human it is used for the total submissiveness to Allah. The formal application connotes that Allah is never ungrateful for the humans. Allah respects and gives regard to all the services carried by humans. Nothing is left without recompense from Allah for their services.

In this verse the high moral instruction and useful directive are bestowed upon the believers by Allah. The hypocrites, some Jews and the idol-worshippers, all of them, were bent upon hindering the progress of acceptance of Islam by the people and used to annoy and harass the persons who become believers of Islam.  They used to apply any possible device against this new Islamic movement and it was quite natural for the believers to feel distressed.  Allah, realizing such sentiments arousing in the minds of believers, directs them in this verse, “Expressing their bad behavior among yourself is not nice behavior according to Allah. Undoubtedly you are the oppressed ones and if such a person rejects objections against the oppressor he is right.  But it should be better for you to carry on good behavior with them and avoid any wrong dealings as you should always be closer to the benevolence of Allah for your forbearing tolerance. Remember that Allah the One, whose closeness you desire, is Himself very affable and forbearing even to severe culprits and goes on forgiving them even on their absurd behaviors.  Therefore, you should also become the magnanimous and broadminded one.”

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