The Ramadan Diary program initiated by Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims, IFAM eight years ago from Campbelltown Masjid is again being conducted this year with more than 65 youth participating.

Ramadan Diary is a seven week program to help youth plan their Ramadan with productive activities and to provide them a platform where they can participate in different Islamic activities of their interest.

This year the program started with “Welcome to Ramadan” lecture session where youth were given a Ramadan Diary page to record their activities like Salat, Saum, Quran recitation, homework, and other good deeds like helping their. This is followed up by Saturday sessions to monitor their progress during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Diary facebook page and YouTube channel have been setup where youth are given the opportunity to run the programme of their own under adult supervision.

Last year the youth participating in the Ramadan Diary program performed on SBS Radio and on the big stage at the annual Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair, MEFF.

The youth are not only given opportunity to participate in the programme but also encouraged to conduct the Program themselves.

In last week of Ramadan,  the participants will be performing at the Community Iftaar event at the Campbelltown Masjid, will be presented with awards on Eid day and will perform at MEFF on Sunday 10 July at Fairfield  Showground.

Here are the links for people who are more interested to know about the programme.

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